August 24, 2013

Great e-mail from a NAM family

We love what we do here at NAM and just love getting feedback from our families. I wanted to share a great e-mail I just received from the mother of our former Miss Arizona Princess Queen who currently lives in California. Thanks for being a part of the NAM Family!

"Hi! We just wanted to share some news about our daughter. She has been participating with NAM since 2006. She was you Arizona Princess in 2007-2008 and recently 2nd runner up for Southern California Jr. Preteen.

We relocated to California after Jazmine started taking an interest in acting in modeling. In 2006, after she competed with NAM she used one of her prizes to take some classes at a local John Robert Powers. About a month into her classes she was chosen to attend the IPOP convention in Las Vegas, while we were there she met with a number of large agencies for acting and modeling. Shortly after she signed with Abrams Artists for acting and Ford Models. Without NAM Jazmine would have never had the confidence at 5 years old to go in front of these agencies, let alone the casting directors she sees regularly. We relocated to California in March of 2008 and since then Jazmine has been on Monk, My Name is Earl, Eastwick, Worst Week and has done print work for companies like BMW and Target.

Jazmine has not only acceled in her “career” but has also became an upstanding citizen through her acts of community service. Before we left Arizona she was awarded the Humane Society Hero of the year award by the Arizona Humane Society for contributing the single largest donation they had ever seen. Jazmine would spend her weekends outside of our local pet store and pass out wish lists for the Humane Society, she would then collect the donations and turn them into the Humane Society. Jazmine still donates much of her free time to local charities and shelters.

We love being part of the NAM family and our 4 year old daughter will begin competing with her sister next year! The experience and friends made are amazing! Thank you for everything you do for all of the young girls that have been part of the NAM family.

Sonya and Shane"

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