February 1, 2013

Famous in her Own Mind: B.U.L.L.Y. Presents "Project Media"

Bullying has become such a hot topic these days; many girls are taking it up as a platform and doing some really great things for kids around the country.  This morning I found this program called "B.U.L.L.Y. Presents "Project Media".  It just so happens to be run by one of our NAMiss California State Finalists moms!

Famous in her Own Mind: B.U.L.L.Y. Presents "Project Media": Project Media was born under the direction of Courtney O'Steen to show how the media is one of the largest bullies we face today. With the stigmas media produces to be "unrealistically thin" or that gossip is what we should believe. Students explore tabloid magazines and are asked to look for negative stories, negative phrases and anything that is considered harmful to someone's self esteem. Students work in small groups to determine what is fact and what is gossip, they cut out their examples and create media boards to present to their peers. Not only are students able to identify how gossip can lead to bullying, they are also learning to develop public speaking skills that they can foster for future opportunities. 

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