January 24, 2013

Miss California is in the new Kia Sorento Commercial

You've probably seen this commercial already and not even realized that your Miss California is one of the girls in the back seat of the car!  Check it out below - NAMiss California Pre-Teen, Ariana Guido.  Ariana has been in quite a few commercials but this is the first one played nationally.

It's always fun seeing where NAM girls pop up.  :-)

Keep up with Ariana - if you can!
facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/anapearlgirl?fref=ts
Twitter:  @thearianaguido
IMDB:  http://www.imdb.me.arianaguido

Miss California - Ariana Guido

January 21, 2013

NAM State Finalist working for Autism Awareness

Great picture we received from the Sterkowitz family - Kacey is out raising money for Autism Awareness.  Great job Kacey - thanks for being part of the NAMily!

Hi guys!  I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the pageant this year and are already looking forward to next year!  Our daughter, Kacey was featured on your blog from her newspaper articles (Kindergartner excited for first pageant).  She made it to the top ten this year - her first pageant and she is so excited!  I must say that the leadership and communication skills she learned this year are outstanding!  She not only donated 10% of her pageant donations to charity, but also this past month held a charity lemonade sale for Autism!  She is always looking for new innovative ways to give back to the community and is so proud to have been a National American Miss contestant.  It was a great experience and we are so proud of the little lady she has become!!  Thanks !!

NAMiss Indiana Kacey Sterkowitz raising money for Autism

January 18, 2013

National American Miss - Hoang-Kim Cung

Your reigning National American Miss Queen, Hoang-Kim Cung is a senior at the University of Texas in Austin.  Every so often she has been posting video-blog (vlog's) about what's happening in her life during the year of her reign.

One of her first video's is posted in the sidebar of this blog - here's the latest installment!  Thanks Hoang-Kim, it's really nice to get to know you and what's happening in your day-to-day life.  Keep 'em coming!

January 17, 2013

NAM Girls Making Moves in the Music Business

Former National American Miss New York JP Queen - Dylan Collins, now know as Dylan Jenet, is starting to make waves with her music!

She was recently one of 9 out of 11,000 girls chosen to be featured on the Daily Unsigned website.  Here's the write up - click below to hear her music!

Last month, we received over 11,000+ artist submissions (we listen to all submissions) requesting to be featured on Daily Unsigned and out of all those requests….only 9 artists made the cut. Yes, we are uber picky on who gets chosen.
Today’s Fresh Pick on Daily Unsigned, Dylan Jenet is one of the nine artists selected out of 11,000+ submissions and we couldn’t be more proud. Dylan Jenet has a very well developed star quality and her vocal talents are beyond her age.
If you are a fan of Pop music….you need to listen to Dylan Jenet!
- Rob Daily

January 16, 2013

The Brazil Times - Indiana State Finalist Chosen for NAMiss

I saw an article this morning that ran in the Brazil Times out in Indiana.  It's a press release announcing Carlee Ann Lynch as a State Finalist in the National American Miss Indiana Pageant for 2013!  Great job, Carlee - I copied the online article below, here's a link as well:  http://www.thebraziltimes.com/story/1931513.html

Carlee Ann Lynch, 10, the daughter of Tara and Jeff McCullough and the late Joe Lynch, has been chosen as a state finalist in the National American Miss Indiana Pageant (NAM).

The pageant will take place Saturday, July 6, at the Marriott in downtown Indianapolis.
The NAM pageants take place for girls ages 4-18, with five different age divisions. Lynch will compete in the pre-teen division.

The winner of the pageant will receive a $1,000 cash reward, a crown and banner, roses and air transportation to the national pageant in California where she will receive a complimentary tour of Hollywood and two V.I.P. tickets to Disneyland.  NAM Pageants are dedicated to celebrating America's future leaders and equipping them with life-long skills.

Each year, the pageant nationally awards $1.5 million in cash, scholarships and other prizes.
Additionally, these pageants strive to keep activities and competitions age appropriate by not allowing girls under the age of 12 to wear makeup, nor do they hold a swimsuit competition.

Emphasis is on self-confidence, inner-beauty, good sportsmanship and setting and achieving goals.
Lynch is a student at Jackson Township Elementary school where she is involved with many activities.
She enjoys gymnastics, dance, swimming, volunteering with the Special Olympics and competing in NAM pageants.

This will be her second year competing.

January 15, 2013

"Beyond The Spotlight" by Megan Alexander

If you haven't noticed in the last two issues of Pageantry Magazine, there is a new column being written by our very own Megan Alexander!  The new issue just arrived at our apartment in NYC.  I will post a link to the article here as soon as the digital edition is available on Pageantry Magazines website.

Here is a link to last months feature about Jamie Hilton, former Mrs. Idaho, titled "Believe in Miracle".  Online Article

You may remember seeing the story on TV about the accident Jamie suffered while fishing with her husband and her near death experience.  Megan chronicles the story of this mother of 3 overcoming all odds and making a recovery.  Take a look and make sure to pick up your issue of Pageantry!

January 14, 2013

Miss American 2013 Lifestyle & Fitness Winner - Mandy Schendel

First off - Congratulations to the new Miss America, Mallory Hytes Hagan, crowned last night!  She kicks off her media tour today here in NY so I'm sure you will be seeing her on all the morning shows.  

Closer to home for us, I wanted to say a big congratulations to our very own NAM girl, Miss Washington America Mandy Schendel!  Mandy was the preliminary lifestyle and fitness award winner and then during the final pageant, was the surprise judges pick to make it as a semi-finalist.  

We are super proud of you Mandy, way to represent the great state of Washington!!

January 9, 2013

NAMiss Volunteering at the Oakland Childrens Hospital

"Yesterday I had the honor of delivering 26 stuffed animals and 20 barbies to Oakland Childrens Hospital. One of the most inspirational and beautiful moments was delivering a stuffed dog to the girl in the photo, she wants to be a doctor one day.  Her mom, her aunt and her grandma were all nurses and she wants to give back to a place where she was saved.  Thank you NAMISS for giving me this type of opportunity!!"

~Stephanie Behring
NAMiss Danville
NAMiss Oakland Childrens HospitalNAMiss at Oakland Childrens Hospital