October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween Week!

Our NAM California girls kicked off Halloween week by representing in the Boulevard BOO parade out in Cali.  I haven't figured out exactly what they dressed up like but I think it's something to do with being the Queen!  :-)

Can't wait to see what everyones costume is later this week - happy Halloween week!

NAM CA represents!NAMiss California in the Boulevard BOO Parade!NAMiss California in the Boulevard BOO Parade

October 24, 2012

As Miss Indiana i am a proud supporter of theTrue Beauty Movement !!! On a daily basis i embrace who i am and what defines me beautiful. Never afraid to attend class without makeup or wearing sweatpants

Proud of who i am and what i look like ♥
NAMiss Indiana McKenzie Shevlot True Beauty

October 23, 2012

NAM True Beauty Movement

National American Miss Washington Brooklyn HodgeTwo years ago Amanda Moreno started the True Beauty Movement. TBM focuses on empowering girls to feel comfortable in their own skin. True beauty can not be bought at a make up store or gained by hair products, it's what comes from inside. Take a picture of your self with natural hair and no make, and join the movement.  Here is a picture posted by National American Miss Washington, Brooklyn Hodge.


October 18, 2012

NAM Girl, Miranda Soong singing National Anthem at the Orioles Game

Check out former National American Miss California, Miranda Soong, singing the National Anthem at the Orioles baseball game.  GO GIRL!!

NAM Miranda Soong post gameNAM Miranda Soong singing National Anthem

October 15, 2012

National American Miss Ohio, Emma Moore, with VP candidate Paul Ryan

National American Miss Ohio Jr. Pre-Teen, Emma Moore, had a chance to attend a local GOP rally near her home town.  This is a great picture of her with Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.  Maybe the white house needs a Queen to stop by now and then??  Great job Emma!

@NtlAmericanMiss Ohio Emma Moore at a GOP rally with VP candidate @PaulRyanVPNational American Miss Ohio Emma Moore

October 8, 2012


A great story ran on Inside Edition last week about a former Miss Iowa.  Megan Alexander had a chance to sit down and talk with Jamie Hilton, who after falling and hitting her head on a rock, had to have one-quarter of her skull removed to relive pressure on her brain.  

She has a great story of over overcoming a major challenge and showing the world what she is really made of!  

Here's the story as seen on Inside Edition:

Jamie Hilton of Boise, Idaho, is a former beauty queen who held the title of Mrs. Idaho, but if there is a woman in America who knows that beauty is only skin deep, it is this 36-year-old mother of three.
"I am full of gratitude that I am even alive," Jamie told INSIDE EDITION.

Her current hairdo isn't something you ever see at beauty pageants. Half her head had been shaved for reasons you won't believe.

home video captured the drama of her lying unconscious after a 12-foot fall and hitting her head on a boulder last June.

"When I got down there she was not breathing. She did not have a pulse," said her husband.

It took three hours to get her to a hospital, where one-quarter of her skull was removed to relieve pressure on the brain. Now, brace yourself for what happened next.

Jamie said, "I had a severe brain injury. They told me, 'You hit your head. We had to remove a piece of your skull.' Then, they gave me the news, 'They put it in your stomach.' So I looked down and then saw the bump."

That's right, a piece of her skull was implanted in Jamie’s belly to keep it sterile and nurished.

For 42 days, that piece of skull remained in her abdomen, protected and nourished while the swelling in her brain slowly went down, then at last, the skull bone was re-attached to her head.

"It was righ under my rib," she showed INSIDE EDITION.

Now, the mother of three is grateful the amazing procedure saved her life—a life she came so close to losing.

October 5, 2012

NAM State Directors Meeting

It's that time of year - NAM National Pageant is coming up next month!  The National American Miss State Director team is gathered to prepare and getting things ready for the 2013 season as well.

If you have any ideas on what NAM could be doing different, now is the time to share.  Thank you to a few of my California families that have written me with some great suggestions.

National American Miss is the largest pageant in the United States, we didn't get here by ignoring what you have to say, we love to hear it!  brian@namiss.com - @namissblog

#namiss Directors Meeting - getting ready for @ntlamericanmiss National Pageant!

October 3, 2012

2012 NAM Queen and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

National American Miss Jena Diller
The 2012 National American Miss Teen State Queens and I are so excited to share our new mission with all of you. With the help of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, we have officially started our own nationwide campaign in honor of all those diagnosed with Diabetes! At the website below, you can visit our page and donate money directly to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and support your State Queen. With your help, we will promote Diabetes Awareness while striving to be positive leaders in our communities. In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, we will also be holding a Walk to Cure Diabetes from November 1 - November 14. Please go to link below for more information. On behalf of all of the NAM Teen State Queens, thank you so much for supporting us in our efforts to "Walk to Cure Diabetes."