May 25, 2012

Kindergartner to compete in first pageant!!

Kindergartner excited to compete in her first pageant

Kacey Sterkowitz, 5, will participate in the National American Miss Pageant from June 14 to 16 in Indianapolis.
The daughter of Keith and Kelly Sterkowitz, of Cedar Lake, she will compete in the 4- to 6-year-old Princess division.

“This is Kacey’s first pageant and she’s very excited,” Kelly Sterkowitz said.
“I like that they have a no makeup rule for kids 12 and under. They have appropriate dresses, and focus on their interviews, interests, hobbies and the future,” she added.
The pageant centers on poise and how contestants interact, and Kacey will be able to advocate for causes if she wins. She has decided that she wants to help stop the bullying of children with autism.
“Her brother KJ has autism,” Kelly explained.
“I think if she has a good time and handles it well, we’ll try again next year. I like what the pageant stands for. They make it a whole weekend, and older girls take younger girls under their wings,” Kelly said.

“As a mom, I’m excited and nervous for her. I believe it will boost her confidence and help her blossom. I’ll probably cry a little bit,” she added.
Sterkowitz is a kindergartener at Douglas MacArthur Elementary School in Cedar Lake, and has had perfect attendance all year. She plans to become a teacher or therapist.
She enjoys playing soccer at the Southlake YMCA, and studies karate at Homann Karate School, both in Crown Point
Sterkowitz is a member of St. Mary Church in Crown Point. She enjoys doing cheerleading jumps and playing with friends.

May 21, 2012

JR Pre Teen Starting her own Company!!

Dear NAM,

   I just wanted to take the opportunity to say, " Thank You", for all your hard work and positive energy to make today fun and exciting for the girls and the parents.  As I had mentioned, NAM has already reinforced in my daughter some very valuable life skills. Instead of asking for scholarship donations, my daughter thought she would put her hands to work and began selling her own line of eco-friendly handmade pouches/ handbags.  She set some really high ambitions and has already raised half of her entry fees!  She began selling her leather bags to her friends and then at our local weekend farmer's market- where she did really well.  The following week, she went into a unique, high end fashion store that specializes in goods made from recycled materials and gave her own speech to the manager. She told the manager that she was raising money for NAM, " a pageant that teaches girls how to speak out and use their communication skills," and that she would also be using 10% of the profits to donate to the SPCA and assist animals caught in the Gulf oil spill. The manager was thrilled that she had such high ambitions at her age and was doing this  herself. She was very happy to help her.   The store, called "Hatch," in Oakland, CA in the Montclair district, is now carrying her line of bags!!  She has learned a lot about 'profit margins,' giving yourself an 'hourly rate', bargaining, marketing and a lot of confidence!  I'm very proud of her!!!!  Thank you NAM!

Douglas Young
( P.S. - enclosed are several pictures of her endeavors, she shares a page on my website under "Pixie Purses" at <>)

May 10, 2012

True Beauty Movement

True Beauty Movement
The True Beauty Movement was founded in April 2011, today the organization still is in reign today. The program was founded by a sisterhood of NAM girls and is mainly run by Amanda Moreno (2011-2012 National All-American Miss.) The goal of the True Beauty Movement is that each girl realizes she is the most beautiful person when she is just herself, and that we are all unique and beautiful even without makeup. We all have beauty within ourselves. Be True. Be Beautiful. Be You.
Be sure to keep up to date on everyones true beauty by:
  • Facebook :!/TrueBeautyMovement
  • Website:
You can purchase a True Beauty Movement Shirt today! Check the Facebook page for more details!

Some of this years NAM queens sporting the True Beauty Movement shirts at the National photoshoot.

May 4, 2012

2012 National American Miss Washington

Miss Washington
Pageant Prep Session Location, Date and Time.

*Monday, June 4th*
Session Time: 6pm - 8 pm
Mirabeau Park Hotel
1100 N. Sullivan Rd
Spokane Valley, WA

*Tuesday, June 5th*
Session Time: 6pm - 8 pm
Red Lion Hotel
2525 N 20th Ave
Pasco, WA 99301

*Wednesday, June 6th*
Session Time: 6pm - 8 pm
Women's Century Club
304 N Second Street
Yakima, WA 98201

*Thursday, June 7th*
Session Time: 6pm - 8 pm
Holiday Inn Downtown
3105 Pine St
Everett,  WA 98201

*Friday, June 8th*
Session Time: 6pm - 8pm
Red Lion Hotel
100 Columbia Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

*Saturday, June 9th*
Session Time: 10am - 12pm
Hotel Murano (Pageant Host Hotel)
1320 Broadway Plaza
Tacoma, WA

May 2, 2012

A Teen Queen Mom reflects on National American Miss...

A Teen Queen Mom reflects on National American Miss...

A Teen Queen’s Mom says Farewell
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It’s April 2012 and the end is coming. What an awesome ride it has been! Jenny has only been involved with National American Miss for 2 years, but what an impact it has had on both of our lives. In 2010, her first year of competition, she won the Iowa Actress crown and finished 3rd. in the Talent competition sending her to Nationals in Hollywood! We packed up and spent 9 great days in Hollywood. What an adventure. We both met new people and made new friends and did things we’ve never done before and hadn’t even dreamt of doing. I’ve always been proud of my daughter. She has always filled my life with laughter and joy. After our first year of involvement with National American Miss I saw her self confidence grow. Her self confidence, courage to hold her head up high and stand up for herself and what she believed in grew! It was an easy decision in 2011 when she wanted to compete again. I was as excited as she was!
Jenny was crowned Miss Iowa Teen in July of 2011. Oh my gosh!!! We were all so proud of her. Tears of joy and pride flooded my eyes. The tears of pride have continued throughout the year. As I watched my daughter grow into a woman right before my eyes. All of the community service projects she’s been involved in from visiting Ronald McDonald House to providing books and bears at a children’s Christmas party for the Moose Lodge and of course the really fun stuff like riding in parades and being “Visiting Royalty” at the Miss Nebraska pageant. It has been 2 fabulous years! When people ask me how I feel about National American Miss, I tell them this, “I wish that every Mother and Daughter in the World could experience what Jenny and I have had these past 2 years. The memories we have made will carry with us for our lifetime.” I have not one complaint or insult.
I want to thank the Maples Family for creating such a wonderful environment for girls to be themselves and to express themselves. The confidence that this program instills in young girls is beyond explanation. Breanne, I especially want to thank you. Jenny has felt that you are a lifelong friend! I know that God made you especially for this purpose! When I watched you in Nebraska stand in front of those parents and speak while their daughters were with the judges interviews, I couldn’t help but smile and think how proud of you your parents must be. These girls all look up to you. Thank you for having such a positive influence on their lives.
So many people, Ryan, Molly, Julie…I’m just going to stop there because I’ll forget someone. I just want to say Thank you. Thank you for having such a wonderful impact on my daughter’s life.
We will both look forward to seeing you in 3 weeks and dread saying good-bye. It will be a weekend filled with mixed emotions. Just know that we will never forget our 2 years that we were a part of National American Miss!
Darline Jones
Proud mother of Jenny Jones
National American Miss Iowa Teen 2011

May 1, 2012

2012 National American Miss California North

Miss California (North)
Pageant Prep Session Location, Date and Time.
*Tuesday, May 15th*
Session Time: 6pm - 8 pm
Red Lion Hotel
1830 Hilltop  Drive
Redding, CA 96002

*Wednesday, May 16th*
 Session Time: 6pm - 8 pm
The Clubhouse at  Boundary Oak
3800 Valley Vista  Road
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

*Thursday, May 17th*
Session Time: 6pm - 8 pm
Marriott Rancho  Cordova
11211 Point East Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

*Friday, May 18th*
Session Time: 6pm - 8 pm
Best Western  Lighthouse Hotel
105 Rockaway Beach Avenue
Pacifica,  CA 94044

*Saturday, May 19th*
Session Time: 10am - 12pm
San Jose Tech Museum
201 South Market Street
San Jose, CA  95113

*Sunday, May 20th*
Session Time: 2pm - 4pm
Modesto Centre Plaza
1000 L Street
Modesto, CA 95354

*Monday, May 21th*
Session Time: 6pm - 8pm
Golden Palace Banquet  Hall
2625 West Vassar Ave
Fresno, CA 93705

*Tuesday, May 22nd*
Session Time: 6pm - 8pm
Madonna Inn
100 Madonna Rd
San Luis Obispo, CA  93405