April 30, 2012

'A Snow White Christmas' starring Ariel Cardona!!

These pictures are from Ariel Cardona's participation in 'A Snow White Christmas' that ran from late November to mid-December at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, CA. It was produced by the Lythgoe Family, written by Kris Lythgoe and directed by Bonnie Lythgoe.

Ariel has been in commercials and on TV but this was her first time in a musical theatre production. She participated in the red carpet premiere on opening night and was part of a reality show that documented the making of play (it will be showing later this year).

She was selected from an audition call of over 600 kids who were asked to sing and dance. Ariel was chosen to play one of the 'Dwarfs' and a villager in the show. The show had good reviews and was very successful.

April 26, 2012

Flurey-Smith to participate in National American Miss Iowa

By Jeff Gargano

Jaydn Flurey-Smith, 11, a sixth grader at Humboldt Middle School, will be competing at the National American Miss Iowa Pageant April 27-29 in Waterloo.

Jaydn was selected to participate for the state of Iowa after an audition in Fort Dodge on Feb. 9.

Winners at the National American Miss Iowa Pageant advance to a national pageant in California.

The National American Miss is a program designed to help girls develop an empowering poise and self-confidence. Jaydn will learn how to conduct herself in a job interview, how to speak with confidence, will take part in a community mission project to benefit a shelter for women, and will be escorted onto the stage by a male family member for the formal wear competition.

"This pageant is based on personality. There's no swim suit competition," her mother Emily Christensen said.

She'll be competing with 100 other girls in her age group (Pre-teen ages 10-12). Other age categories include Princess (4-7), Junior Pre-Teen (7-9) and Junior Teen and Teen (13-18).

"The biggest thing is the girls are learning skills that they don't necessarily learn in school. It shows it doesn't always have to be based just on beauty, but how you present yourself," Christensen said.

"She had such an amazing time at the first one. She's a little more outgoing now. It's definitely given her some self-confidence," Christensen said.

In the summer of 2010, Jayden was invited to her first pageant, the Miss Poise and Personality Pageant held in Britt and conducted by Kristen Laubenthal, an Iowa native who now is a model in New York. She is also a former nanny who wrote a book, "A Nanny's Day, the Professional Way."

Emily does day care in her home and that is how she heard about the pageant.

"That was a very positive experience for Jaydn," Emily said. "The girls did a workshop with Kristin. Jaydn was a bubbly girl after this. She became very comfortable being herself."

Jaydn placed in the top five in the Personality category at Britt.

Jaydn was invited to come audition at Fort Dodge. Invitations are sent out based on students being on the honor roll, or active in community organizations (Jaydn is active in Girl Scouts and the American Cheerleader Association).

Held on Feb. 9 at the Starlite in Fort Dodge, the girls all got to wear Miss Iowa's crown and sash. After interviewing with the judges, contestants had to wait for either a phone call or a postcard. A phone call meant they advanced. A postcard meant try next year.

Just three girls from the Fort Dodge audition were selected.

"I was pretty excited when we got the call," Jaydn said.

Since then, she's been practicing her introduction and set out to ask for sponsors. There is a $450 sponsorship fee to enter. If she is selected to go the National Pageant, the fees are paid. In addition to her family, her local sponsors include Bank Iowa, Hadar Athletic, Thompson Real Estate and Roller Country.

Jaydn plans to play volleyball and run track next year in seventh grade. She's played rec league soccer since kindergarten. She'll be a Cadet in Girl Scouts and will be attending her third Girl Scout camp this summer. She's also active in the Methodist Church.

Jaydn is the daughter of Emily Christensen and William Smith. She has three younger siblings: Tristin, nine; Nico, three; and Nova, one.

Each family can obtain eight tickets to the pageant, which is held at the Ramada in Waterloo. Jaydn said lots of her family plans to attend.

"It's a real family event. I'm looking forward to it," Jaydn said.


April 25, 2012

National American Miss State Finalist gets Sponsors by being a member of Pledgie.com

Dear Potential Sponsor,
My name is Miranda and I have been selected as a State Fianalist for the National American Miss Pageant. I was selected from many qualified applicants to participate as an official entrant. I will participate in a weekend event at which National American Miss (NAM) will chose 5 wonderful young ladies (1 from each age group) as our National Finalists that will then move onto Hollywood CA.

I am very excited to be competing with young women from all areas of Michigan.
To enter the pageant there is sponsorship fee of $450. I am hoping that as a prospective sponsor, you will be able to assist me with any contribution you can afford. The sponsorship you provide helps to defray the cost of expenses during the weekend pageant, including my meals, hotel stay, prizes for contestants, production of pageant shows, chaperones, hostesses, pageant staff, transportation and all expenses for the title holder’s trip to the National American Miss Pageant– and in a few months the title holder could be me!

Additionally, this is a rare opportunity to receive recognition as a MISS MICHIGAN Pageant sponsor in the official pageant program book for your business.
Checks should be made payable to the “National American Miss” and given directly to me, the entrant. Sponsorship is deductible as a business advertising expense.
Thank you very much for your consideration.

Kind Regards,

Miranda Dornobs


April 24, 2012

Victoria Johnson at LA Fashion Week Red Carpet event for her NAM sponsor!!

Just wanted to share with NAM what Victoria Johnson has been doing this year, here are some pictures of her at this years LA Fashion Week Red Carpet event for her NAM Sponsor. She is looking forward to this years competition in Southern California Jr. Miss category. This will be her second year so hope to see you there!!


April 20, 2012

Seel Leaving Mark in National Pageant!!

Chalei Seel, a fifth-grader at South Grove Intermediate School in Beech Grove, has been selected to compete in a pageant for aspiring young leaders.
Seel is the daughter of Robert Seel of Beech Grove and the granddaughter of June and Glenn Booth of Indianapolis.
Seel was nominated to compete in the National American Miss Pageant, which will take place June 14-16 at the Marriott in downtown Indianapolis.
Participants must be nominated by a teacher, coach or other adult who knows them well.
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April 18, 2012

My National American Miss Journey!!

My National American Miss Journey :)
Red is my fav color. So why not be the color of my formal gown too? I love this pic! ♥
My National American Miss Journey :)

I never thought I would be a girl to do pageants. I always thought of myself as a tom boy who didn't like to dress up fancy and who loved to get down and dirty riding go-carts, quads, and dirt bikes. Who knew a had a really girly side? I didn't even know! Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them,” that’s my goal to always pursue my dreams. “You have been selected as a state finalist for the National American Miss Jr. Teen New Jersey Pageant,” that was the first sentence I saw when I received my acceptance letter from the NAM pageant. It's what made me start to purse my dreams ♥ It's what made me realize I want to do this, that I had dreams. I've always loved singing since I was a little kid and thought NAM could help me with that. It also mentioned modeling, when I was a younger, I always pretend to be a runway model and walk around the house trying on new clothes pretending to model the latest fashions, who knew I would actually want to do that when I grew up. I'm not grown up yet, but I'm at the age where I'm statring to figure out what to do with my life.

Nam was the best thing that could've happend to me. It made me love pageanty for one thing, and I'm starting to do more pageants because of it. Before I did nam I had some confidence but I was always to shy to perform in front of anybody, infact before nam I never performed on a stage completely alone before, it was my time to shine. My favorite part of competition had to be formal wear, it gave me the most confidence, especially about walking in heels, I never walked in heels before I started pageants, that was a big step for me. For my first year in nam I did almost every optional. I did Talent (1), Actress (2), Photogenic (4), Top Model (1), and Casual Wear (1). I always loved singing, like I said before so I had to do talent. For it I sang "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera, It wasn't the greatest perfomance, but it gave me a loooot of confidence, and since then I have sung in front of people several times. I never got into acting until this year, when I was in the pageant last summer, it was the summer before I would be going to techanical school for perorming arts (singing, acting, dancing), well I never really acted before, so I thought this would be the perfect opturnity to practice that, it was so fun, and it helped me gain confidence as an actor.

Photography has been one of my hobbies forever, I've always loved taking and being in pictures, so I had to enter photogenic, same for Top Model since I liked to model and be in pictures I had to do it. For Casual Wear I thought I could practice my runway type skills. Pageantry has change my life. It has givin me so much more confidence in myself and it also gave me lots of friends :) Even though I didn't win anything, I walked away a different person. I got participationawards though, I got the Portfolio Award for doing Photogenic 4 times, I got the Outstanding Participation award for selling ads, and the Spirit of America award for doing 5 or more optionals. I plan on continuing Pageanty and hope to get far with it. I hope it continues to help me with my career. I am participating in NAM again this summer and cannot wait to see what this time brings me.

April 16, 2012

HomeComing 2012

National American Miss Homecoming Results!

Something we do every year for girls in our NAMily, is the Homecoming Drawing!  We give away some really great prizes and celebrate the girls who have participated in National American Miss in the past that are coming back again this year to compete again with their friends.  This year’s Homecoming winners have been drawn and are published on our website, www.namiss.com/homecoming.

Check it out  and congratulations to all the winners.  We look forward to seeing everyone this summer at the shows!

~Brian & Megan

April 13, 2012

Bloomfield student to participate in National American Miss!!

(By Sabrina Westfall) Bloomfield Elementary School student Kayla Vandeventer will be participating in the National American Miss competition. She hopes it will give her a start on her dream of being a model when she grows up. [Order this photo]
An invitation in the mail may have given a Bloomfield Elementary School student a start in what she has always wanted to do.
Kayla Vandeventer, 10, said she has always wanted to be a model or a fashion designer.
When an invitation for the National American Miss open call came in the mail, she told her mom, Jennifer, she wanted to give it a try.
Vandeventer and her mother went to the Monroe County Library, her parents were told about the National American Miss Program and participants were pulled aside and asked questions.
"They asked me what I do at school. I like playing with my friends, and playing sports like basketball and softball," Vandeventer said.
Just a few days after the open call, Vandeventer received a phone call telling her she would be participating in the state finals.
She had to submit an application which asked questions about her academic standing and any extracurricular or volunteering activities.
"She has good grades. She has always been on the A, B honor roll. She is playing basketball for the first time this year and is in her third year of softball," Jennifer said.
Vandeventer went to Indianapolis for a short training session and also had a photo shoot.
"They showed me how I have to stand and walk. And they showed me pretty feet!" Vandeventer explained.
She said she was nervous during the photo shoot because there were people watching her, but she had fun posing for the camera.
"Once you start doing it (the poses) you want to go back and do more," Vandeventer added.
In June, Vandeventer will have a personal interview with the judges, as well as take part in swimwear and evening gown competitions.
"I really want to be a model when I grow up, so this is just a little start," Vandeventer said.
If she is the winner in her age group, she will go to compete in the national competition in California. In addition, she will receive two passes to Disneyland and a tour of Hollywood.
She also has a chance to win a scholarship.
"I am really excited about it, but a little nervous," Vandeventer said.
Jennifer said she is supporting her daughter in the National American Miss competition because she hopes to help with her daughter being shy.
"She is shy, so I hope it will boost her self-confidence, and teach her communication skills," Jennifer Vandeventer said.
Vandeventer said her friends are always wishing her luck and asking for updates on her next step in the competition.
"We have got to wait until June for the pageant. And we get to stay in a hotel. That's the best part," Vandeventer added.
National American Miss has peaked her interest in pageantry, so she and her mother have started looking into other possible pageants for the future.