December 27, 2012

NAM Girls Volunteer for the Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our NAM Families across the country.  I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season.

Many of our NAM Queens have been out volunteering over the Holidays.  That's such a great part of NAM to see these girls out giving back to their communities.  These events are not required for the girls and are not set up by their NAM offices; the girls put these together themselves because they love getting involved.

Here are a few pictures I rounded up this morning:

NAMiss Washington Brooklyn Hodge Veteran's Hospital NAMiss Washington Brooklyn Hodge volunteering her time on Christmas Eve at the Spokane Veteran's Hospital.
  NAMiss California singing Chirstmas Carols to the Elderly NAMiss California Athenna Michaels singing Christmas Carols to the elderly at The Carlton Plaza
  NAMiss California Girls volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club in Anaheim NAMiss California Queens Danielle Walker and Amanda Starrantino volunteered their time at the Anaheim Boys and Girls Club and helped serve spaghetti dinner.


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