November 17, 2012

NAM National Pageant Begins!

Welcome to Anaheim, California and the 10th Annual NAM National Pageant!  We are so excited to be here with our families from all across the country.  This year marks our 10th birthday as National American Miss.  Stay tuned all week for pictures of all the fun!

Also, make sure and follow us on twitter @namissblog and @ntlamericanmiss.  We just finished our staff meeting and are starting the first check-in!

@NtlAmericanMiss Staff meeting, check-in starts in 70 minutes! 10 year anniversary of NAM!!@NtlAmericanMiss National Directors Steve and Kathleen MayesGetting ready to start NAM Nationals check-in!!

1 comment:

  1. So proud of my daughter, Talia Masiello, for being able to participate at the National this week! Love you, Talia!