August 23, 2012

Visiting nursing home Community Involvement!!

Name of Organization or Cause *
"Visited nursing home"

Bailie JadeBishop* - National American Miss Mississippi  Princess

Total Time Served* - 20 hours

Bailie Jade decided to perform her community service at the Jones County Rest Home. Bailie Jade would go after school for 2 to 3 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's. During this time she would talk to the residents, help them play bingo, cards and board games. She would also put on shows. Bailie Jade would sing and dance and the residents loved every minute of it. She never acted like she was scared and loved interacting with the residents. She also would make art work for them to hang in their rooms. This was truly a great learning experience for Bailie Jade. Most the residents did not have family so they were thrilled to have someone take the time Bailie Jade did with them. Even though Bailie Jade was only required to perform 4 hours she preformed 20 and still goes 1 to 2 hours twice a week.


  1. Bailie jade bishopMay 17, 2016

    i am so happy that nam would post this of me thank you

  2. I am 12 now and i quit doing pageants but i want to do this again it was an amazing exsperiance if yall want to contact email me at or call 6015432240 thanks