August 7, 2012

Peers Community Involvement!!

Name of Organization or Cause *

Erica Lepman* - National American Miss Oregon Teen

Total Hours Served* - 63.5 hours

Peers is a club organization where students of differant "cliques," help other students with problems whether at home or at school. We also do peer mediation between other students having conflict. As of last year we started "Impact Days," which take about 70 students from high schools in the area and bring them together to try and break down barriers of status groups and promote acceptance of each other. Our Impact Days are loosley based on the MTV show, "If you really new me." This has helped our school decrease the amount of bulling and harassment taking polace at our school. This club is to make students feel more comfortable and safe at school, so they are able to learn and develop positive life skills.

PEERS - A group of diverse students talking to students about their probelms and doing mediation processes over conflicts between students.

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