August 2, 2012

Celebrate Child Care Community Involvement!!

Name of Organization or Cause *
Celebrate Recovery Child Care

Elizzabeth Hughes* - National American Miss

Total Hours Served* - 280 Hours

Every week I volunteer at Celebrate Recovery's children's outreach. I work with kids of all ages who have come from broken homes and homes where parents are highly addicted to drugs, alcohol, are in jail or worse. We provide them with a safe loving environment where they are free to express their feelings and learn about the bible. We do many activities of which many I personally coordinate like art projects, games, lessons and much more. I love this job because it brings me satisfaction as a person to be able to be a solid and safe person in their lives. I have been working here for two and a half years and plan to stay there as long as God allows as it is so rewarding and fun.

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