August 24, 2012

2nd Harvest Inland Northwest Food Bank Community Involvement!!

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Second Harvest Inland Northwest Food Bank

Tia Moua* - National American Miss Washingon  Jr Pre Teen

Total Time Served* - 5 hours

With about 200 other volunteers, my mom and I picked apples for five hours on November 5th during Second Harvest Inland Northwest’s annual fall harvest event. Our group, consisting of 25 volunteers, went to three different farms which are part of the Green Bluff Grower’s Association located about 18 miles northeast of Spokane, Washington. I picked apples into a 5-gallon bucket, then emptied the bucket into boxes which were dispersed everywhere in the orchard to make it easy for the volunteers. Many Golden Delicious apples were so large I had to use both hands just to grab hold to pick them! I also picked Red Delicious, Gala and MacIntosh apples. The event organizers estimated that 30,000 pounds of produce, mostly apples, were harvested which makes this year the best one yet!

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