July 10, 2012

Relay for Life Community Involvement!!

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Relay for Life sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Victoria N. Johnson* -
National American Miss California Jr Teen

Total Time Served* - 7 Years

The Santa Fe Springs, California Relay for Life Sponsored by the American Cancer Society takes place every September. This is an overnight team event to raise awareness of cancer while simultaneously raising funds to help in the search for a cure. Each team member is asked to commit to raising at least $100.00 in donations and take their turn walking around the track throughout the 24 hour event. This event is full of fun and is a great opportunity for me and my family to serve our community. The event features a cancer survivor’s luncheon for those throughout our community to celebrate their lives.

Following the luncheon the relay will start with the releasing of Doves and the survivors waking the first lap. During the event our team will run the Children’ Corner, assisting children with arts & crafts, face painting and hair coloring. Together as a team we will make luminary bags each bearing the name of someone who has battled cancer, celebrating cancer survivors, and honoring and remembering someone who has been lost to this disease. These bags will line the track during the event and be lit during the Luminary Ceremony. This ceremony starts with traditional bagpipes and all teams and volunteers walking the track in silent to honor our love ones named on the luminaries.
Why I relay; I relay so a cancer patient has a place to stay when they need to travel away from home for treatment. So a cancer patient has a ride to treatment, and a volunteer cosmetologist is able to teach a cancer patient how to care for their changing skin and hair with donated cosmetics. So a breast cancer patient has someone to talk to that knows how they feel. I relay for every mother, father, sister, brother, and every one of our love ones that are battling cancer. I relay because others before me have taken the time to relay, and without their caring I may have lost my grandmother to this disease. I relay to honor the people in my family that lost their lives to this disease and that I miss every day.
The bible teaches us Even A Child Is Known By His Doing, Whether His Work Be Pure, And Whether It Be Right, PROVERBS 20:11.This tells us that no matter how young we are we need to take an active role in caring for each other. This will be the eight year I have participated in this project knowing in my heart without the money for research my grandmother and many others would have lost their fight. Each step we take brings us closer to finding a cure, this I hope to see in my life time. As a relay for life team member we have been able to raise between $8000.00 and 14,000.00 yearly in durations during our Santa Fe Springs Relay. My commitment to community service is something my father has instilled in me through his community service and volunteer work with many organization. He also has given the gift of life as a bone marrow donor this year, and shown me the true meaning of service to others.

Web Address: http://relay.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLFY11CA?fr_id=31887&pg=entry

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