July 19, 2012

Court Appointed Special Advocate Community Involvement!!

Name of Organization or Cause *
CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)

Elsie Jeanne Fisher* - National American Miss California Pre-Teen

Total Hours Served* - 24 hours

CASA (which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate) is an advocacy program that provides a Court-Appointed advocate to children who are in the Court System, through no fault of their own. I chose to volunteer at CASA because of my personal experiences with foster children who are my friends at school and a very special foster child who grew up to be my mother. These children suffer many different kinds of abuse and neglect. An advocate appointed to them through the CASA program meets with them on a regular basis providing support, comfort, and a shoulder to lean on during their difficult time in the system, as well as being their voice in Court. All of the advocates appointed to these children are volunteers who have chosen to help make the life of a child better. Many advocates continue their nurturing, supportive relationship with these children long after their Court appointment is over. They become role models and "second parents" to these children, teaching them many important life lessons and values that will help them grow into responsible, productive citizens.

As a CASA volunteer I am responsible for helping construct the training packets provided at the Advocacy Trainings, mailing notices and monthly newsletters, updating the CASA Facebook page and website, and helping set up, work at, and clean up the yearly Gala fundraiser that is the main financial support of this program. As a young person in my community I am blessed to be afforded the opportunity to support such a worthy cause with my time every week.

Superior Judge Karen Dixon and I

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