July 6, 2012

Animal Services Community Involvement!!

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Riverside County Department of Animal Services

Stevie Marie* - National American Miss California Jr Teen

Total Hours Served* - 41 hours

As stated prior, my goal at RCDAS is to find animals the best and most loving homes possible. In addition to this though, I decided to expand my knowledge and skills and branch out to other areas within the shelter. One of the most important jobs is making sure that all the animals get proper care and exercise. In the early mornings, I clean both dog and cat kennels and also walk and socialize dogs and cats. By mid morning, the shelter is open to the public, and I can start officially adopting out both dogs and cats. This is one of my favorite parts of volunteering! Uniting a family and pet together is extremely heart warming and fills me with joy every time I do it! Another fun job at the shelter is gardening. Not only is it relaxing, but if you harvest any fruits or vegetables, you can visit the barn and feed the pigs your pickings!

 Finally, I’d like to talk about an area of the shelter that I find especially near and dear to my heart, the clinic. Being a medical student, I am very interested in surgical work, so when I was offered a position helping in the clinic I became very excited. In the clinic, not only do I get to aid animals, but I also get hands on training and the opportunity to acquire a Veterinarian Technician License! This to me is simply amazing, because this is the type of work I will be conducting after graduation. Overall, volunteering at RCDAS has been an absolute blessing and I have had some of my greatest memories and experiences there. I hope to become a docent volunteer there someday, so I can continue my service towards all the animals that need it most.

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