June 26, 2012

Seattle Humane Society Community Involvement!!

Name of Organization or Cause *
Seattle Humane Society

Mikaela Bautista* - National American Miss Washington Princess.

Total Hours Served* - 8.5 hours

Mikaela Bautista loves puppies and she wish of having a pet puppy at home. She recently discovered of having a severe allergy with dogs, and there’s no way of having her wish come true. So she thought of doing something for them at least, and making blankets is a good idea in making them warm and cozy on this cold weather. She bought 12 yards of flannel and fleece fabrics from her own savings. With the help of her mom and big sister Marianne, she cut them into 32 squares. She cut fringes around them and tied them to make 16 blankets. She worked two hours before bedtime for four days and delivered the blankets personally to Miss Samantha Nadolny of the Humane Society in Bellevue, WA who happily gave her a tour to the facility and discussed other ideas how Mikaela could be of help to their organization.

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