June 21, 2012

Miss Ventura County Scholarship Community Involvement!!

Name of Organization or Cause *
Miss Ventura County Scholarship Organization

Kimberly Bebo* - National American Miss California Teen.

Total Hours Served* - 150 hours

As the Associate Director for the Miss Ventura County's Outstanding Teen Scholarship Organization, I mentor young girls in my community and help them overcome their fear of public speaking. When I was Miss Ventura County's Outstanding Teen and went to the state competition, I also won Miss Congeniality for being so helpful! I help them realize their true potential and that they really can help their community in more ways than they possibly could imagine!

After just less than a year, Miss Ventura County's Outstanding Teen, Olivia Sichmeller, went from a shy, overly humble person who was afraid of the stage. To a confident, mature and wellspoken young lady! I feel that I had a lot to do with that though working with her day to day before and after she won her title. Girls are always coming to me for advice either about pageants or even personal things and that is what makes me a true mentor to these young girls! They know they can come to me for anything and that is a great assest to the community in my opinion.

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