June 19, 2012

Golf for Autism Community Involvement!!

Name of Organization or Cause *
Carson Kolzig Foundation

MaeloniOgle* - National American Miss Washington Teen

Total Hours Served* - 26 hours

I helped promote autism and raised money for families with autistic children. I was part of a Desert Bash golf tournament held by Olaf Kolzig who has an autistic child named Carson. I helped run games, set up for the fundraiser and did paper work.

The whole purpose for this was to raise money for families who have either one or multiple autistic children. I was blessed to talk to several families with autistic children and heard a lot of great stories. This was an amazing opportunity and I plan to do it again.

Me volunteering at the Carson Kolzig Foundation Olie and Stu Desert Bash Golf Tournament to help raise money for Autism.

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