May 21, 2012

JR Pre Teen Starting her own Company!!

Dear NAM,

   I just wanted to take the opportunity to say, " Thank You", for all your hard work and positive energy to make today fun and exciting for the girls and the parents.  As I had mentioned, NAM has already reinforced in my daughter some very valuable life skills. Instead of asking for scholarship donations, my daughter thought she would put her hands to work and began selling her own line of eco-friendly handmade pouches/ handbags.  She set some really high ambitions and has already raised half of her entry fees!  She began selling her leather bags to her friends and then at our local weekend farmer's market- where she did really well.  The following week, she went into a unique, high end fashion store that specializes in goods made from recycled materials and gave her own speech to the manager. She told the manager that she was raising money for NAM, " a pageant that teaches girls how to speak out and use their communication skills," and that she would also be using 10% of the profits to donate to the SPCA and assist animals caught in the Gulf oil spill. The manager was thrilled that she had such high ambitions at her age and was doing this  herself. She was very happy to help her.   The store, called "Hatch," in Oakland, CA in the Montclair district, is now carrying her line of bags!!  She has learned a lot about 'profit margins,' giving yourself an 'hourly rate', bargaining, marketing and a lot of confidence!  I'm very proud of her!!!!  Thank you NAM!

Douglas Young
( P.S. - enclosed are several pictures of her endeavors, she shares a page on my website under "Pixie Purses" at <>)

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