March 30, 2011

Facebook - Where do I find a good dress that is affordable?

This is a conversation from our Facebook wall that I thought everyone should see - if you are looking for a dress, here's some insight on where people are finding good deals!

Nam Megan-Brian Cournoyer

Hey Ladies! Megan here! So many of you ask where to buy your clothes for pageant weekend. I cannot stress enough that you don't need to spend a lot of money! Girls have found great outfits at TJ Maxx, Dillards, Macys, Sears and JcPenney. If its a good fit and good color - its probably right for you! Share your favorite places to shop that don't cost a fortune. : )

Nam Megan-Brian Cournoyer ps - we have had queens win in suits from TJ Maxx and dresses from consigment shops! Really! When I competed a long time ago... my dress was from JcPenney.

Lita Avila Fleckenstein: Yes, this is the truth -- we got Casey's gown online for 75$ ! You don't have to pay alot to be a winner. Its the girl inside the clothes that matters :)

Maria Godecki: It is so true!

Alexandra Curtis: Dress in my profile picture... $65 at Cache! They are having GREAT sales now! I have had two great suits from macy's/marshalls that were under $50 with a few alterations as well, You can always top it off with some decorative buttons from a craft/ fabric store too!

Melissa Stevens: Totally agree. Ebay is also a great place to check and online forums as well. I got Emily's suit from Macy's on sale!

Deeanna Deen Hopkins: Last year we went to David's Bridal, the dress was only $80.00, the original price was over $200.00

Stephanie Bolin: LOVE LOVE LOVE Ebay and Ross =)

Amanda Smith Gaetano: Having a heck of a time finding something for my eight year old... She is a girlie girl and REALLY wants all the rhinestones and glitter! Any suggestions would be more than welcome :)

Stephanie Bolin: not sure where you live but Michaels and joanns sell rhinestones you can add to anything you buy...... I have a beatiful size 8 gown for sale ....what are you looking for Amanda ?

MaryAnn Case: I agree, David's Bridal is a great place. Nice consignment shops and a creative seamstress has been a wonderful way to go.

Monica French: We usually make our dresses and suits ourselves!! I have also purchased on ebay and from friends! Payless, Sears and JC Penney have great shoe deals for formals!!
Steffennie Poorman: We love Ashley Rene's in Elkhart, IN. Online store also.

Cara Caldwell: Ebay and Macy's!! Great suits for great prices! Awesome colors too!:)

Crystal Anne Navarrete: Friends and resale! Always the best!!

Karen Fleck Starrantino: Girls in Southern California downtown L.A. the clothing mart . Santee Street and 6th street on. Suits and dresses and they will bargain with you. Rhinestones also on Maple and 8th.

Kathi Curtis: Macy's is having a suit sale now!! Burlington Coat Factory is too!

March 28, 2011

There's a brand new website that just launched called  It was created by your NAMiss Indiana Jr. Teen, Darrian Arch as a place for NAM royalty to keep in touch and to share with everyone the different events and activities that NAM girls get involved with.  Stay tuned as the site gets up and rolling!


Hello! Im Darrian Arch.Miss.Indiana Jr.Teen 2010.As the founder of the NAM Queen Sorority I'm Proud to be part of such a great organization. NAM has made me more confident than ever. I'm so glad there is an organization for todays girls who have dreams, goals, and ambitions. I started this sorority as a way for the current alumni and future queens to stay connected and to show the community what us NAM girls do everyday to make a diffrence in others lives. Even though in a few short months I will be handing over my title to my successor I plan to continue this for years to come.

March 25, 2011

National Americann Miss Teen Queen to Shear Locks for a Cause

In May, National American Miss Oregon Teen Brittany Thomas will crown her successor. The ceremony, part of a weekend-long pageant, will be a formal occasion calling for glittery gowns and fancy hairstyles.

Among all the glamor, however, the McMinnville teen will be sporting peach fuzz on her head. She plans to shave her long, dark locks in April to show support for cancer patients and raise money for cancer research.

"Anybody can donate money, but it takes a strong, dedicated person to shave their head," she said, persuading herself as well as listeners. National American Miss Oregon

Thomas is one of more than two dozen local residents who plan to take part in a St. Baldrick's Day fundraiser at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 16, at the US Bank Plaza in downtown McMinnville.

St. Baldrick's, so-named because its founders originally held their head-shaving fundraiser on St. Patrick's Day, is a national effort to combat cancer. Across the country, people shave their heads in return for donations, which will be turned over to cancer research and service organizations.

To read the full article click here:  FULL ARTICLE

March 23, 2011

National American Miss Model Photoshoots

There's always a fresh supply of National American Miss girls out there in the modeling/photography world!  Here are a few great pics I saw today of Miss Texas and Miss California.  Looking great girls!

NAMiss California Tierra Gonzalez-Hammonds 3NAMiss California Tierra Gonzalez-Hammonds 2
NAMiss California Tierra Gonzalez-HammondsNAMiss Texas Photoshoot black top
NAMiss Texas Photoshoot red topNAMiss Texas Photoshoot white suit

March 16, 2011

NAMiss California, Danielle Walker, Model Mania!

So many of the girls I talk to at NAM want to get into the modeling industry. Your National Ameican Miss California, Danielle Walker, is one of those girls and she just posted some great pics from her latest gig on Facebook! Danielle was able to land a recurring gig where she models new clothes for, Cutesy Girl and 1sol Swim.

Here's some of the latest pics:
Miss CA Danielle Walker - Fashion Model 5Miss CA Danielle Walker - Fashion Model 4
Miss CA Danielle Walker - Fashion Model 3Miss CA Danielle Walker - Fashion Model 2
Miss CA Danielle Walker - Fashion Model

March 15, 2011

NAMiss California, Amanda Starrantino's Blog

Check out the new blog hosted by your National American Miss California, Amanda Starrantino!

Amanda Starrantino's Blog
Amanda Starrantino - NAMiss California Chapman Panthers
Amanda Starrantino - NAMiss California

March 10, 2011

Interview with Kenn Maples - Associate National Director for NAM

Megan Alexander sat down with Kenn Maples, the Associate National Director for the National American Miss Pageants, and talked all about NAM, the pageant industry and what NAMiss is doing differently than anyone else out there.

This is a fantastic interview for anyone that is interested in NAM but not sure what the program is all about. Kenn tackles the stereotypes of pageants, the NAM no make-up rule, skills girls are taking home from the program, and much more. Did you know that NAM is now the largest pageant system in the world according to Pageantry Magazine?!! How cool is that!

The interview took place in the NAM ballroom just before one of the final shows at this years National Pageant. Thanks to Megan and Kenn - enjoy!

March 9, 2011

National American Miss State Finalist Press Release

York girl is National American Miss state finalist

Published: Thursday, March 3, 2011 1:09 AM CST

YORK — Beatriz Martinez, 16, is a state finalist in the Nebraska division of the National American Miss pageant for girls 4-18.

The state pageant is April 2-3 at the Coco Key Water Resort in Omaha.

The competition is age appropriate. Girls under 12 are not permitted to wear makeup and there is no swimsuit competition. Emphasis is on gaining self confidence, sportsmanship, setting goals and then achieving them.

The winner will receive $1,000 cash, the official crown and trophy, roses and a paid trip to the national pageant in California.

Martinez enjoys soccer and spending time with her family.

Read the full article at:

March 8, 2011

Top 10 Friendship Rules

Discovery Girl Magazine had a great article this month titled "The Top 10 Friends".  They asked girls for their top friendship rules.  The 3 that came up over and over were:

1) Stand up for her
2) Be honest
3) Keep her secrets

It was a great article, take a minute to read the entire article by clicking on the picture below.  "Read on, and keep your friendships strong!"

Click to read the entire article.

March 7, 2011

NAM National Title Holder, Alexandra Curtis, Gives Her Tips for Girls Competing in NAM

Alexandra Curtis, your current National All-American Teen for NAM, just made a great video for girls that are going to be competing in NAM.  She answers questions about getting started with NAM, where to find a good deal on outfits, tips on optional competitions, and having fun at NAM. 

You may remember a video that we featured here on the blog a few months that showed Alexandra's journey through NAM over the years -it's a great one to go back and watch as well:  Remember how many times she finished 1st runner-up before finally winning the title!

March 4, 2011

NAMiss Ohio Teen - Modeling Profile

One of the most popular ambitions I hear from NAM girls is that they would like to get into the modeling industry. I came across a profile on of our former National American Miss Ohio, now successful model and thought you would enjoy seeing her success! Here's a sneak peek but you can see her full profile at:
Raven Rae - National American Miss Ohio in chair

Raven Rae - National American Miss Ohio
Hello Everyone!

I’m Raven Rae and am an experienced model ranging in all different fields like: commercial, editorial, fashion, fit modeling, fitness, glamour, hair/makeup, lifestyle, parts modeling, promotional, runway, spokesperson, sports, and swimwear. I broke into the industry through pageantry and have been diligently looking for more work. I’m fun, outgoing, and really easy to work/shoot with. I love to bring a fun and upbeat attitude to the shoot to ensure photographers get exactly what they are looking for. Anyone I have worked with can testify that I am an upbeat and professional model to work with at ALL times! Some credentials that I have are;

1. Dangerous Red Model
2. Superior Cage Fighting Ring GIrl
3. CageStars Ring Girl
4. Miss Hymiler Super Nationals (Racing Industry)
5. Miss Sandusky Speedway
6. National American Miss Ohio Teen
7. National American Miss Top 10 in the nation
8. Miss Ohio Tourism
9. Miss Motorsports Top Finalist
10. Miss Captivating Miss Photogenic

I also have background in radio and television broadcasts/commercials after studying them and learning hands on in college. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time, thanks so much!!!

National American Miss State Finalist Press Release

Local girl chosen as State Finalist in pageant

Published: Thursday, March 3, 2011 1:09 AM CST

STROMSBURG – Kaitlynn Bresnahan, 12, has been chosen as a State Finalist in the National American Miss Nebraska state pageant to be held April 2 and 3 in Omaha.
This pageant is for girls 4 - 18 and have five different age divisions. Kaitlynn will be competing in the Pre-Teen age division against other young ladies across the state.
The National American Miss pageants keeps all activities and competitions at age appropriate levels. Girls under 12 are not allowed to wear make-up and there is no swimsuit competition. The pageant program is based on inner-beauty as well as poise and presentation and offers an “All-American spirit of fun for family and friends”. Emphasis is put on the importance of gaining self confidence, learning food sportsmanship and setting and achieving personal goals. The pageant recognizes the accomplishments of each girl while encouraging her to set goals for her future.
Kaitlynn is the daughter of Brian Bresnahan. Her sponsors are Goldenrod Insurance, Economy Hometown Market, Pallas Seeds, Nienhueser Farms, Burg Auto, Nuttelman Farms and Bresnahan Consulting.

See the full article at:

March 3, 2011

Shake Your Shyness

Everyone deals with being shy at some level - I just read a great article in Discovery Girl Magazine called "Shake Your Shyness".  They listed 7 tips to help you over come your shyness; here they are:

1)  Show off your smile.
2)  Ask "how" and "why" questions.
3)  Be ready to talk.
4)  Practice on "safe" people.
5)  Get involved.
6)  Use props.
7)  Fake it till you make it.

Here's a link to the full article where you can read their descriptions for each tip:

"Even if you try every one of these tips tomorrow, your shyness won't diappear overnight.  Overcoming shyness, like changing almost anything about yourself, takes practice, patience, and time.  But as long as you keep trying, you will get there.  Along the way, keep visualizing yourself as the more outgoing girl you want to be.  Eventually you won't need to picture that girl in your head to see her - she'll be right there in the mirror, smiling back at you!"

March 1, 2011

Should I sign up for National American Miss Vlog?

Thinking about signing up for NAM? Check out this Vlog that Juliana put together to help answer questions that people have about NAM!

Former NAMiss Indiana Anna Garry models for Motion Wear Cheer

I was flipping through the new issue of American Cheerleader Magazine today and WHAM! all of a sudden there's a giant picture of Anna Garry, one of our former National American Miss Indiana representatives!  I did a double, and then triple take before finally picking up the phone and calling her Mom to make sure it was her.  Sure enough - turns out that she went to an audition with over 100 other girls and they ended up using Anna for the ads. 

Keep an eye out for more pics with the Motion Wear Cheer clothes.  Great job Anna!

Former NAMiss Indiana Anna Garry - American Cheerleader Magazine Ad