November 26, 2011

NAM Nationals - Day 7

NAMiss Oregon at NationalsNew National American Miss Jr. Pre-TeenNational American Miss California at NationalsNAM Team So. Cal at NationalsNational American Miss California Dante RicksNational American Miss National Casual Wear Winner Taccara Barrier

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  1. I use to love namiss but I have been to the state pageants fthree times in Harrisburg. That is where I am from. I have one problem I think it is fixed. It is always Blonde hair blue eye girls that win. One year a Asian girl was there my opinion she was the best p. She lost to a 4 yr old. Never did I c a bi racial child or child of different nationality win. It's either all black or all white. Time for a change people. Don't waste your money unless your child is blonde blue eye child