November 16, 2011

NAM Discussion - Pajama Parties

One thing we do at each National American Miss Pageant is have a party the first night for all the girls.  Our goal is to provide a time for everyone to get to know each other and make some friends going into the competition.  I have been receiving a lot of feedback that girls would like to have that party be a "Pajama Party" theme.

Okay, I'm on board!  So my question for you is, if you have 30-45 minutes, what would you like to DO at the party??

In the past we have played games at the beginning; ice-breaker style games to help everyone get to know each other.  One year we did the "high-heel fashion show" which was pretty cool.  What are your thoughts?

Thank you everyone for your input, it's fun hearing what you have to say! 


  1. Definitly PJ party! they are super fun, you could still do games probably! :)

  2. Are the Jr. Miss contestants still doing the 70 theme party, because I went out and just purchased a pair of white GOGO boots to go with her outfit. (the boots were not cheap).

  3. For the 70s Theme Party, you are thinking about Nationals which is next week. Yes, you are still doing the 70's party at Nationals. We are talking about the parties at the State Pageants.

  4. My girls love the dance time and the game that they played at open calls/call backs where the girls get into teams. Linda ran that much fun! They also like the time to sign autograph books/program books!


  6. Hi–we're two future contestants for the Pennsylvania State Pageants in 2012. (One Preteen, one Jr. Teen.) We LOVE the Pajama Party idea!

    Our favorite ice breaker game is the one where there's a word on someone's back, and they have to ask other people yes or no questions to figure out what it is or who you are. It's so much fun, and we make lots of friends playing it.

    And some good old fashioned musical chairs is always hilarious, especially with the older kids. Haha! Dance time would be fun too. Maybe a few rounds of Coke and Pepsi? Partnering up for a game like that is fun too.

    We'd love to have a Pajama Party our state pageants next year! It'll be fun!


    Autumn (Jr. Teen) and Ali (Preteen)

  7. Absolutely love the pajama party!! We have missed the pajama party the last two years. I really like it because then the girls are ready for bed when the party is over. Games are fun but I think the girls really like the dancing and hanging out with their new and old friends!

  8. We did a PJ party at my state pageant last year and it was a blast!!!:) I think its a great idea to stick with that idea because as someone already said, then we are already for bed when it's over!!
    Sincerely, Isabel

  9. Well it sounds so far like the Pajama Party is a hit for many reasons. Thanks everyone for weighing in on the discussion. See you in 2012 at the NAM shows! Good luck to all the girls at Nationals this week.