October 25, 2011

Official Dates for the National American Miss California Pageants

The National American Miss California 2012 Dates are set in stone!  Sign-ups are now officially open through our website, www.namiss.com.  Returning girls, call our office to receive your promotional code to use when you register.

Stay tuned after the new year for our 2012 Open Call Schedule.  Look forward to seeing you next year!

Miss California South 2012: 
Princess, Ages 4-6:  June 28-30
Jr. Pre-Teen, Ages 7-9:  June 28-30
Pre-Teen, Ages 10-12:  June 28-30
Jr. Teen, Ages 13-15:  June 29 - July 1
Teen, Ages 16-18:  June 29 - July 1
National American Miss California South 2012 Dates

Miss California North 2012: 
Princess, Ages 4-6:  July 26-28
Jr. Pre-Teen, Ages 7-9:  July 26-28
Pre-Teen, Ages 10-12:  July 26-28
Jr. Teen, Ages 13-15:  July 27-29
Teen, Ages 16-18:  July 27-29
National American Miss California North 2012 Dates

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  1. Oh wow! Why the big change in the Southern California pageant? Seeing June instead of August was a big surprise!