October 12, 2011

National American Miss - "Not an Ordinary Beauty Pageant" - from a Judges Perspective

One of the judges at this years National American Miss California Pageant, held up in Santa Clara, CA, is a writer for a magazine called "Parenting on the Peninsula".  If the October issue, click here to read it online, he wrote about his experience at the pageant on page 17. 

He talks about what he thought he was walking into when he showed up and NAM and how his experience changed his view on pageants.  Here's a peek at the article, I encourage you to take a minute and read the full article online.

National American Miss California Judges Panel"Every other month, I write articles for POP that address getting or keeping your kids active, and how to keep them active without getting injured in the process. In today’s world, it seems like kids are either very active or not active at all. Kids have so many options to keep them busy; however, like their parents they do not always choose the best activities to stick with. We do live in Silicon Valley, and as such, much of our time is spent on the computer.

I recently came across a new activity that I never thought I would endorse: a pageant for young girls. This is not just any pageant. It is a pageant called National American Miss (NAM). I was invited to be a judge for the Miss California Teen Program for NAM in Santa Clara at the end of July, and honestly, I did it for the business networking. I was not a big fan of pageants, and I thought that all parents who put their kids in pageants were somewhat nuts. I had nightmare images of JonBenét and Patricia Ramsey before I arrived."

How many times have we all heard someone say something like this about NAM?!  I just love bringing people to one of our events and showing them what a positive and powerful experience NAM is for the young ladies that participate.  Thanks Brien for sticking with us and giving NAM a chance to show what pageants can really do for girls! 

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