October 11, 2011

NAM Queen - Win or Lose, She's Already Beaten the Odds

Gabriella Hines, NAMiss LancasterLANCASTER -- Don't bother telling Gabriella Hines she can't do something.

"I don't take no for an answer," the 20-year-old National American Miss Lancaster said. "You can accomplish anything no matter what your limitations are. Always keep your head held high and stay positive and you'll make it through."
Hines should know.

She compiled an excellent academic record at Lancaster High School, works as a cosmetologist, competes in pageants and lives a normal life despite needing four open heart surgeries after being born with aortic valve stenosis and being given a 10 percent chance to live.

Now, she will compete during Thanksgiving weekend in the National American Miss pageant in Anaheim, Calif., at Disneyland, for the National All-American Queen title.

Whether she wins the title or not, Hines already has beaten the odds.  Read her entire amazing story posted in the Lancaster Gazette

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