June 8, 2011

Alexandra Curtis and the 411 on Casual Wear Modeling at National American Miss

Latest update from the Alexandra Curtis info video's on NAM - this one is all about Casual Wear Modeling.  Allie placed 1st runner-up twice and second-runner up once at the National American Miss California Pageant. 

She spliced together a bunch of clips of her different Casual Wear outfits over the years (my personal favorite - "Winter Walk in the Park"!  Just the fact that they all have names is awesome!)  If you are thinking about the Casual Wear Modeling competition, be sure to check out this video.

Oh, and if you hang in there all the way till the end of the video, she actually works in a sentence about looking "NAM-a-licious" in her "Boots with da fur" outfit......  I love it!

June 7, 2011

Help finding Sponsors for National American Miss

Here's the latest informational video from current National American Miss All-American Teen, Alexandra Curtis.  Alexandra has compteted in NAM for most of her life and had A LOT of great helpful ideas for girls getting ready for this years program. 

In this video she talks about raising sponsors and selling advertising if you choose to do so.  Great advice Allie - thanks for the help!  Enjoy everyone.

For some background on Alexandra's history with NAM - here's another video she posted a few weeks ago:  http://youtu.be/vVZFFbE705k

June 2, 2011

2011 Pageant Season is Underway!

Well it's official, as you can tell by my lack of posts lately (we have been super busy!), our 2011 National American Miss Pageant season is underway!  Last weekend NAM State Director Matt Leverton hosted the Miss Oregon Pageant in Portland.  Here are a few pictures of our my fabulous Washington royalty who were on hand to help out and work with all of the amazing state finalists.
NAMiss Washington Imani Blackmon at the NAM Oregon Pageant
NAMiss Washington Queens at the NAM Oregon Pageant

Results from the Oregon Pageant and every other NAM State Event can be found at http://www.namiss.com/eventresults/.  Good luck everyone at this years state events!