March 30, 2011

Facebook - Where do I find a good dress that is affordable?

This is a conversation from our Facebook wall that I thought everyone should see - if you are looking for a dress, here's some insight on where people are finding good deals!

Nam Megan-Brian Cournoyer

Hey Ladies! Megan here! So many of you ask where to buy your clothes for pageant weekend. I cannot stress enough that you don't need to spend a lot of money! Girls have found great outfits at TJ Maxx, Dillards, Macys, Sears and JcPenney. If its a good fit and good color - its probably right for you! Share your favorite places to shop that don't cost a fortune. : )

Nam Megan-Brian Cournoyer ps - we have had queens win in suits from TJ Maxx and dresses from consigment shops! Really! When I competed a long time ago... my dress was from JcPenney.

Lita Avila Fleckenstein: Yes, this is the truth -- we got Casey's gown online for 75$ ! You don't have to pay alot to be a winner. Its the girl inside the clothes that matters :)

Maria Godecki: It is so true!

Alexandra Curtis: Dress in my profile picture... $65 at Cache! They are having GREAT sales now! I have had two great suits from macy's/marshalls that were under $50 with a few alterations as well, You can always top it off with some decorative buttons from a craft/ fabric store too!

Melissa Stevens: Totally agree. Ebay is also a great place to check and online forums as well. I got Emily's suit from Macy's on sale!

Deeanna Deen Hopkins: Last year we went to David's Bridal, the dress was only $80.00, the original price was over $200.00

Stephanie Bolin: LOVE LOVE LOVE Ebay and Ross =)

Amanda Smith Gaetano: Having a heck of a time finding something for my eight year old... She is a girlie girl and REALLY wants all the rhinestones and glitter! Any suggestions would be more than welcome :)

Stephanie Bolin: not sure where you live but Michaels and joanns sell rhinestones you can add to anything you buy...... I have a beatiful size 8 gown for sale ....what are you looking for Amanda ?

MaryAnn Case: I agree, David's Bridal is a great place. Nice consignment shops and a creative seamstress has been a wonderful way to go.

Monica French: We usually make our dresses and suits ourselves!! I have also purchased on ebay and from friends! Payless, Sears and JC Penney have great shoe deals for formals!!
Steffennie Poorman: We love Ashley Rene's in Elkhart, IN. Online store also.

Cara Caldwell: Ebay and Macy's!! Great suits for great prices! Awesome colors too!:)

Crystal Anne Navarrete: Friends and resale! Always the best!!

Karen Fleck Starrantino: Girls in Southern California downtown L.A. the clothing mart . Santee Street and 6th street on. Suits and dresses and they will bargain with you. Rhinestones also on Maple and 8th.

Kathi Curtis: Macy's is having a suit sale now!! Burlington Coat Factory is too!

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