October 20, 2010

NAM Miss CA raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National American Miss Pageant is for “Today’s Girl” and “Tomorrow’s Leader.” On Tuesday October 12Th, miss Jennifer Van Den Heuvel will be joining hands with the National American Miss Pageant and the National Breast Cancer Foundation in forming her very own charity fundraising event, called “Jennifer Van Den Heuvel Fights For Breast Cancer Awareness” at the Harbor Café, in Santa Cruz, CA. The event will feature such highlights as live music ft. Hipshake, food and drinks, entertainment, prizes, professional athletes on hand and a special fundraising section for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. “I wanted to start making an impact as soon as possible as the new state title holder for National American Miss. What a better way to show the community of Santa Cruz County a public fundraiser towards a good cause in which everyone can enjoy and leave with smiles on their faces. There are almost 40,000 deaths across the nation from breast cancer each year, and I would love to help save the lives to lower that number with the help of my fundraiser and the communities support,” states Van Den Heuvel. Making some big motions, the event will take place from 5pm to 10pm at the Harbor Café as this California Teen plans on making some large moves and efforts throughout 2010 and 2011. 

Jennifer Van Den Heuvel was in the Santa Cruz Sentinel October 10, 2010 For Doing a fundraiser for National Breast Cancer Foundation Charity Event Held in Santa Cruz CA at The Harbor Cafe Restaurant on September 22, 2010 and will be having another one on October 12Th, 2010.  

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