August 17, 2010

Megan Alexander's Interview with Pageantry Magazine

Wow! It's been a busy summer and there is a lot of catching up to do here on the blog. Literally so much has been happening with NAM as we travel the country crowning new winners and changing girls lives as they participate in the program that I haven't had a moment to update the blog! So here we go!

If you are a fan of Pageantry Magazine, you should have received the brand new fall issue in the mail last week with Megan Alexander on the cover! We are all so proud of her and the success she has achieved. We are super lucky here at NAM to have her traveling with us during the summers and emceeing some of the programs and working with all of our girls. Remember, she got her start right here at the pageant when she was the Miss Washington Pre-Teen Queen.

Megan Alexander Pageantry Mag Cover

Pageantry just released a PodCast with the full interview they conducted with Megan, there is a link below if you would like to listen. Stay tuned for more everyone, thanks for being a part of our NAM family.

Megan Alexander Pageantry Podcast

Another industry success story! The latest in our industry leading audio releases, it's the exclusive Pageantry PodCast with Inside Edition's Megan Alexander and how a background in pageantry helped prepare her in creating a strong, successful, and positive career in broadcast journalism and entertainment while also holding onto her roots and core beliefs in the strength of the pageant and competition systems. Listen in as Megan relates her journey from small-town-girl to nightly network correspondent. It's a great listen:)

Click here to listen to the Pageantry PodCast interview with Megan Alexander.

The Pageantry PodCast, where you listen behind-the-scenes as your leading Glamour Lifestyle companies and personalities give you their stories... in their own words.

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