June 15, 2010

Long time NAM participant, Alexandra Curtis, and her undefeated LaCrosse team!

Alexandra Curtis is a familiar face among the NAM families; she should be since she's been with the system for many years and her resume includes numerous runner-up finishes at both the state and national level. In my book, Alexandra represents exactly what NAM is all about. She competes in NAM because she enjoys the experience and the friends she makes; she has an amazing personality, is super talented and isn't afraid to try new things....... like playing goalie on her undefeated LaCrosse team!

She sent me this e-mail along with a few pictures. Thanks Allie, it's so fun to see what you've been up to outside of NAM.

Here are some pictures from my lacrosse season! I played goalie for the Monte Vista Varsity Womens lacrosse team. We went undefeated and won the East Bay Athletic League Championship and then went on to win the North Coast Section Championship. We are the first team in the East Bay Athletic League to go Undefeated and the first team to win back to back North Coast Section Championships.
Allie Curtis LaCrosse team
I started playing my freshman year of high school which surprised everyone because not only had I never played before, but no one expected a cheerleader to go out for the lacrosse team. I started playing offense but my junior year i thought it would be fun to try goalie just once during practice and i ended up playing junior and senior year in goal once i found that it was my true passion! When people ask me what I like more- doing pageants or playing goalie I cant ever decide! I say I get the best of both words because i can get on stage in a dress and be girly but I also get to wear full body pads and a helmet and do crazy things to save goals which its the total opposite- yet the two have fundamentally transformed me and built my character and showed me ANYTHING can be achieved!

Alexandra Curtis
Allie Curtis LaCrosseAllie Curtis LaCrosse 2

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