May 7, 2010

NAM Choreographer makes the Indianapolis Colts Cheer Squad!

Congratulations to Nicole for making the 2010 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Squad!! Nicole helps out during the summers as a National American Miss Choreographer teaching and serving as a role model for our next generation of female leaders. She also just graduated with a bachelors degree Dental Hygiene and will be beginning her career as a Dental Hygienist in Indianapolis this summer.

Here are few pictures of Nicole during the final night of try-outs and short video clip of her dancing. Nice work Nicole!



  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2010

    Nicole - we knew you would make it!!! Your fans and cheering section in Northern CA -
    We think that you are "unstoppable"
    Sydney Ann, Emery, Mackenzie (your favorite baby at the pageant who is walking now) and Mom and Dad

    PS - you are an awesome choreographer too!!

  2. Woo hoo Nicole! Way to go! Be sure to say hi to my cousin Peyton! It's a small world! Miss ya!

    Isabella and Mom