April 20, 2010

Open Call Modesto, CA

We are out in California doing our Open Call's for this years National American Miss Pageant! Our first night last night was in Modesto, CA and it was great! We met so many new and wonderful families. Each of the girls that attended received a free professional photo shoot at the Open Call; we had some fun and even included a family picture at the end.

Photoshoot at the Modesto, CA Open Calls
All of the girls will have a CD made for them with all of their pictures and be given the full digital rights to the pictures.

If you are signed up for an Open Call - can't wait to meet you there! Remember, the Open Calls are only one of the ways to sign up for NAM - you may also fill out an application online at www.namiss.com if you don't have time to attend an event. See you at the Pageant!


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  1. Was this for all of California? Including So. Cal?