March 31, 2010

NAM Virginia Queens photoshoot

The Virginia Queens enjoyed a state photo shoot and free day at Water Country U.S.A. on June 20th. Photos were taken by Judy Gibson, of Judy Gibson and Associates. Mrs.Gibson loved the photos so much she is adding them to her personal portfolio.

NAM Virginia Queens Casual
The girls had a great time modeling in their formal wear, interview outfits, and fun pink and red casual wear. The Virginia Powerhouse of Pageantry has become very close this year, going to various amusement parks, parades, pageants, open calls, workshops, and sleepovers. The ladies will cherish these photos forever. The photos were taken on the York River in Williamsburg at Junior Preteen Claire Duval's home.

NAM Virginia Queens 1
Afterwards, the girls enjoyed a cookout at Claire's and then onto Water Country, U.S.A. Preteen Queen Olivia Jimenez said, "It was great to cool off in the wave pool and race down the water slides after our photo shoot in the Virginia sunshine!" It was an awesome end to a fun weekend for VA Royalty, which includes National American Miss Christina Nguyen, Teen Queen Delesia Watson, Jr. Teen Queen Johanna King, Preteen Queen Olivia Jimenea, Junior Preteen Queen Claire Duval, and Princess Queen Elainey Bass.

NAM Virginia Queens

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