March 2, 2010

NAM Miss California Speaks in front of a local 8th grade class about Community Involvement

I just received an e-mail that brightened my entire day! It was from the family of your Miss California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen Sydney Ricks.

Sydney was given the chance to speak to a class of 8th graders about the importance of community service. Here is an exert from what she told the class: "Community service is important because everyone has a hard time now and then. Image if you suddenly had problems with your house or even career. Wouldn't you want someone to reach out and help? Of course you would. If you help others it shows you care..."

On the way home her Dad asked her how it went and she replied "It was so much fun getting to tell kids all about why community service is important. If they do a small fundraiser it will be a lot in the end. I hope they will all become great people because of what they did to help someone".

That's pretty cool seeing her standing up there in front of the classroom full of 8th graders - remember, Sydney is only 10 years old. Way to go girl!


  1. Sydney Ann was amazing, full of confidence, personality and very poised!

    She is speaking to my classroom of 25 plus students who are AVID students. These students are going on to a high school that requires a minimum of 25 Community Service hours per semester. They have been complaining that there is no way they could accumulate that many hours per semester, and that the little they could contribute would be minimal at best.

    Sydney Ann got the message across beautifully that every little bit counts. When recounting her efforts to raise money for cancer research, she impacted these students with how just the smallest donation, of time or money, helps to add up to enormous proportions.

    The students are still commenting on how fantastic she is for "such a little girl" - remember, these are "much older" 13 and 14 year olds!

    Keep up the good work, Sydney Ann!
    Everyone is proud of you!

  2. I love Sydney! She is so amazing and inspirational. Keep up the great work!

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