March 31, 2010

NAM Virginia Queens photoshoot

The Virginia Queens enjoyed a state photo shoot and free day at Water Country U.S.A. on June 20th. Photos were taken by Judy Gibson, of Judy Gibson and Associates. Mrs.Gibson loved the photos so much she is adding them to her personal portfolio.

NAM Virginia Queens Casual
The girls had a great time modeling in their formal wear, interview outfits, and fun pink and red casual wear. The Virginia Powerhouse of Pageantry has become very close this year, going to various amusement parks, parades, pageants, open calls, workshops, and sleepovers. The ladies will cherish these photos forever. The photos were taken on the York River in Williamsburg at Junior Preteen Claire Duval's home.

NAM Virginia Queens 1
Afterwards, the girls enjoyed a cookout at Claire's and then onto Water Country, U.S.A. Preteen Queen Olivia Jimenez said, "It was great to cool off in the wave pool and race down the water slides after our photo shoot in the Virginia sunshine!" It was an awesome end to a fun weekend for VA Royalty, which includes National American Miss Christina Nguyen, Teen Queen Delesia Watson, Jr. Teen Queen Johanna King, Preteen Queen Olivia Jimenea, Junior Preteen Queen Claire Duval, and Princess Queen Elainey Bass.

NAM Virginia Queens

March 19, 2010

Vote for NAM Choreographer for the Colts Cheerleading squad!

NAM Choreographer Nicole Killey is trying out for the Indianapolis Colts cheer squat and needs our votes! She was on the squad a few years ago and left to go to Dental Hygiene school - now she's back! Vote for Nicole K, #907 - here's the website:

Thanks everyone!

March 18, 2010

NAM Miss Louisiana starts her modeling career

Part of the state awards package for National American Miss is a modeling scholarship for the state winners. In 2008 at the NAM Louisiana pageant that scholarship was for a full course at the local John Robert Powers Modeling school.

Braylin Woodard, the Princess queen that year took full advantage of the scholarship and has gotten off to a great start in her modeling career! Here's a message we got from her mom about her experiences since being in the National American Miss Program:

"Hey there, it's Misty, Braylin's Mom! I just wanted to let you know that Braylin did awesome at IPOP (International Presentation of Performers) in Los Angeles California. She completely rocked that stage and won 7 awards! We have future plans of leaving for Los Angeles again and staying for 2 months. We will be returning as of right now on May 1st. It has been an incredible journey. And all of this started when she won Nam Princess 2008. Our first big step with NAM was going to Nationals, which we didn't place, but boy did I learn a lot, and Braylin had the best time! We didn't know anything about JRP until we gave up this past July! And wow it has flown since then.

My little girl may be starting a career from the win at National American Miss, and we are very thankful for that!!! "

Misty Woodard

March 15, 2010

NAM Miss California behind the scenes at National American Miss

It's the day and age of technology that's for sure! Here's a fun video that a contestant from last years N. California National American Miss Pageant put together and posted on youtube. It's fun to see the NAM experience from the contestants side!

Here's her video description and the video:

National American Miss 2009 N. California Teen and Jr. Teen Divisions. My stepsister and I had an absolute BLAST. NAMiss is such an amazing experience and we are definitely looking forward to it for next year!! This is just a video I put together to show what an amazing time I had there. I won Talent and got $250 for it =D As well as got 3rd runner up Actress and 1st runner up Miss Personality.

March 12, 2010

NAM Cover Miss volunteers with Susan G. Komen

Kayle and her mom Luisa formed a team to participate in a walk for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer (Walk for A Cure) in her hometown of Newark NJ. Kayla not only walked but worked hard to raise funds for this very important organization.

Kayla also approached The Salvation Army Ironbound Boys and Girls Club with the desire to help the youth in our community by collecting children's books for donation to their program. During the course of 1 month Kayla collected and donated 63 books that are going to be used in the after school program, and will help provide the children of this community with the essential tools needed for a successful, bright future. Kayla enjoys helping her community and loves to motivate others to do the same.

Thank You
Luisa Da Silva

First picture:
Walk for a Cure

Second Picture:
Donating books to The Boys & Girls Club of America
Kayla & Executive Director Richard Partyka

March 10, 2010

NAM Represents at the Ameri-Canine Idol Competition

Everyone remembers last years NAM All-American Queen Nicole Renard! She's been a frequent contributor to the blog. Her mom e-mailed this one to me a little while ago and I'm just now getting a chance to put it out here for you. I have to admit, this one made me laugh! It's Nicole at the annual Ameri-Canine Idol Competition. :-)

Our family volunteered for an event put on by the City of Kennewick yesterday called “Ameri-canine Idol.” It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. The photos don’t do it justice. Nicole got to work the registration booth and help give out awards. It was almost 100 degrees! Good thing it was down by the river.

Some of the events were:

Best dressed
Most tricks in 30 seconds
Different categories of races
Best vocals, etc…

There was a dog that weighed 190 pounds!!

NAM National Queen Nicole Renard with an Ameri-Canine Idol competitor
National American Miss Nicole emcee's the Ameri-Canine Idol competition
National American Miss at the Ameri-Canine Idol competition

March 9, 2010

Interview with the NAM National All-American 1st runner-up

Jennifer Rye from Vidor, TX made a huge statement this year when she finished 1st runner-up in the All-American Jr. Teen Division at the National American Miss National Pageant in Anaheim, CA. Megan Alexander had a chance to talk with Jennifer a few minutes after her big finish - these are some clips from the interview.

Congratulations Jennifer! You are a super talented young lady full of self-confidence which is such a beautiful thing. Jennifer is living proof of what National American Miss is trying to do in every young lady, and that is build their self-confidence and teach them that they can truly do whatever they set their minds to! To all the other fantastic girls that have competed in National American Miss, great job!

March 4, 2010

NAM Miss Maryland Visits Good Morning America

National American Miss MD Jr. Pre-Teen, Isabella Giovanna Cowley, had an opportunity to come down here to NYC and visit the set of Good Morning America! If you watched the show you may have seen her in the audience - she said it was so much fun and from the looks of the pictures, she got a great tour!

Hello everyone if you watched the GMA show yesterday then you were sure to have caught me on the show! I was very lucky to have been invited! I got to meet all the fantastic anchor men and women and speak to the other little girls about NAMISS that were in the studio! I even got to take a wonderful tour!

I think I may have even outdone Sam "Storm" Champion delivering the news! I have National American Miss to thank for my fantastic public speaking skills from the fabulous spokesmodel competition! Who knows, maybe I will be a news correspondent one day! It could happen!

After the GMA show I wanted to head over to the amazing Toys R Us store in Times Square! You can not come to the city without hitting Toys R Us!

March 2, 2010

NAM Miss California Speaks in front of a local 8th grade class about Community Involvement

I just received an e-mail that brightened my entire day! It was from the family of your Miss California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen Sydney Ricks.

Sydney was given the chance to speak to a class of 8th graders about the importance of community service. Here is an exert from what she told the class: "Community service is important because everyone has a hard time now and then. Image if you suddenly had problems with your house or even career. Wouldn't you want someone to reach out and help? Of course you would. If you help others it shows you care..."

On the way home her Dad asked her how it went and she replied "It was so much fun getting to tell kids all about why community service is important. If they do a small fundraiser it will be a lot in the end. I hope they will all become great people because of what they did to help someone".

That's pretty cool seeing her standing up there in front of the classroom full of 8th graders - remember, Sydney is only 10 years old. Way to go girl!

March 1, 2010

National American Miss Indiana Open Calls

Open Calls were last weekend all over Indiana! We met so many new wonderful families - I'm getting really excited about the shows this summer.

Here's a picture of Anna Garry and Mackenzie Klaes, former PT and TN Queens from Indiana. Thanks for being there ladies.

Evansville and Fort Wayne Open Calls are this Saturday - more information is at