February 5, 2010

Some great pics from our NAM Picasa album!

I just uploaded a bunch of new pictures to my NAM Picasa albums. Here are a few of the pics from your Miss California Olivia Jensen at Nationals last year. Check out the albums over at http://picasaweb.google.com/nationalamericanmiss to see more!

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  1. Mr. Brian, thank you for posting some of the photos of me and my bff Olivia. I met Olivia many years ago in passing when she lived in VA. It was great getting to know her even more in November. Our families are now very close friends. The top of the heep positive thing I walk away from NAMISS with are the lovely friends that I have made and will keep for a lfetime!

    I love you Olivia and Mr. Brian you are an amazing director. I wish that you were mine!

    Isabella Giovanna Cowley