January 16, 2010

National American Miss Oregon

Bittleston Madison - NAM State Finalist from Oregon; volunteered her time throughout her community before last years NAM National Pageant. Her mom Sheila sent over these pics and told us a bit about what she did:

I went to ABC Daycare and preschool before I went to regular school, it was really fun. I made lots of friends, played in the gym, and got to play in the sand box if I was good. Last summer the river flooded and destroyed some of the park. This also caused the weeds to get out of control. Teacher Geri said that I could help out by pulling weeds on the playground. It was really fun. I started at the waterfall and worked down to the park area. I got to work with teacher Colleen. When we were done, there was a big pile of brown, dead weeds. I felt hot, but good. I liked being able to help out ABC.

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