January 1, 2010

NAM Miss Washington visits the Olympia Police Department

I received a really cool e-mail from Kassandra Ward, your National American Miss Washington Pre-Teen Queen. Here's what she's been up to:

"This is Kassi Ward. I have been having so much fun with my new title. After celebrating with my family and friends I jumped in and started working in my community.
I met with the Olympia Police Department to deliver stuffed animals for the officers to carry with them in their police cars. I met with Olympia Police Chief Gary Michel who accepted stuffed animals from me. He said the animals would be used by our West Side Division. He also talked with me about his duties and wanted to know more about the National American Miss Pageant. He took me on a tour of the current city hall where their offices and the downtown detention center are located. The city of Olympia is building them bigger and much more modern City Hall that will be ready for them next year. I also got to see the Olympia Police Departments PT Cruiser. I was so excited when they asked if I would like to sit in it. They bring the car to local fairs and schools to support community education and volunteer programs. They were all so nice and asked me to stop back again after nationals to visit.
I am also volunteering at the Thurston County Food bank on my ½ days and no school days. My mom volunteered with me this week. My shoulders were sore after we got done, but I am so glad mom and me were able to support the program. We stocked shelves, made food bags and stacked them on pallets for delivery to the satellite food banks in the county. The people who volunteer there are very nice and work very hard. I did not know so many people in my home town were affected by the hard times. I’m so glad the food bank is there and that so many in my community contribute to it. I also have a collection of books that I will be delivering to our local libraries and family shelters in the next few weeks."

Great work Kassi! Happy New Year to everyone in our NAM family; 2010 is going to be better than ever!

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