January 20, 2010

NAM Miss New York's Blog

I found a great blog this morning by your 2009 National American Miss New York Kayla Sulla - here is a post from her blog that I copied over here. This is a link directly to her blog if you want to check it out: http://missnewyork2009.blogspot.com/

From NAM - National American Miss Blog

NAM National Pageant Day 1

I am so sorry for the delay in updating, things have just been rather hectic lately. Over Thanksgiving, I flew to the other side of the country to compete in the National American Miss Pageant which was held in Anaheim, CA for a week. I proudly represented my state and left with quite a few honors and an entire suitcase of trophies.

Day 1:
I had an interesting start to my day. At 7:00 am the fire alarm went off in my hotel (figures the one day I actually could sleep in a little bit!) As it turns out, the sprinkler was set off in the room right across the hall from me. Thankfully, there was no fire but there was a whole ton of nasty stagnant pipe water pouring into the room. Unfortunately, it was my sister queen's room - Miss NY Jr. Teen. My father and I ran in and tried to salvage as much of her stuff from getting ruined. We got out the important things and then turned our attention to chocking the valve to stop the water.

From NAM - National American Miss Blog

We tried everything in the kitchen, but nothing worked. About ten minutes later, the hotel maintenance guy arrived with the shut off valves which he conveniently dropped on the table then ran out of the room. I gave them to my father and he was able to shut off the sprinkler. We were both soaking wet and covered in debris that had collected in the water while it sat in those pipes for god knows how long. When I left the room the water had run across the hall and was flowing into our room. I told my mom to grab the towels, sheets, anything to absorb the water (this ended up including the very expensive and comfy mattress pads).

To make things worse, my parents shipped all of their clothes before we left so that we could carry my stuff on the plane and the box was conveniently lost by UPS so when we ran into the room with the sprinkler, my dad had on the only clothes he had and had to go down to the lobby and do laundry in his pajamas. Long story short, we ended up having to switch rooms and I ended up getting to registration a little late. I had orientation and got to meet all of my sister queens from the other states. Then competitions started up right away.

I competeted in the optional Spokesmodel competition where I gave a speech about how pressured women feel to look perfect all of the time which has resulted in unnecessary, expensive and painful plastic surgery. I offered a solution that involves confidence building. I didn't place in the top 5 for this competition but I did really well and I got a very high score.

I also had the Top Model Competition which was a photo shoot that took all of 5 minutes. I did really well and was 1st Runner-Up in this competition! Here are just two samples from the shoot:

The night concluded with a 70s Disco Themed Party. Here's a shot of me with my NY sister queens:

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