January 7, 2010

Miss California and the Salvation Army

It's so much fun for me to receive reports like the one below from our families around the country! This came in just a few days ago from Kylie Kucinski, your NAM Northern California Teen Queen and her mom. Pretty cool! Keep up the good work and go NAM!

While most teenagers were sleeping in or heading to Mall on their first day of Winter Break, Kylie headed to the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds at 8am on Monday (12/21) to volunteer with the Salvation Army on their day of assisting 1700 families with Christmas gifts for their children and food bags.

It all started on Saturday (12/19) when we went to the Fairgrounds (which is the Salvation Army's donation station) and met with the director of the Salvation Army and Kylie gave 2 boxes of Books and Bears from the pageant donations, they were of course delighted to receive them and were impressed with National American Miss and their community service project!
We were able to walk around and see how everything was set up and learned at that time that they would be assisting 1700 families this holiday season. Kylie asked the director how else she could help and she was told she could be there on Monday at 8am to help guide the families through the process.

So we spent 5 hours on Monday walking people through the amazing setup which allowed them to pick out two toys for each child listed on their paperwork. The toys were all set up by age group so all the parent had to do was pick what they wanted to give their child. And there were some very nice toys to choose from! They were then directed to several tables of give-away items such as cards and gift wrap and stocking stuffers. Everything was put in a large dark bag so that the contents would not be seen by the kids! They were then sent across to another building for their bag of food items.

I would guess that there were about 100 volunteers there helping 350 families per hour, it was an amazing day! Kylie made many people smile and she was told that she 'lit up the room just by being there' from a Reverend of a local church who was also volunteering.

Merry Christmas to all!

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