January 3, 2010

Blog Compliment!

Found this on one of our NAM contestant mom's blog - made me smile because this is exactly the reaction we like getting to the pageant:

Thoughts of the All Consumed Bride: Summing up 2009 - A Survey: "1. What did you do in 2009 that you'd never done before?

Started actually saving huge amounts of money! But all for our wedding...wish I would have done this years earlier :) Also, had my daughter enter a state pageant...man, I never thought I'd say I was a pageant mom, but my daughter begged me to join the National American Miss Pageant along with her g-friend and I have to admit, it was a great experience for her. Not like those God-awful beauty and talent pageants that you see on reality tv shows but a great confidence booster and something that prepares young ladies for public speaking, interviews and just being proud of who they are."

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