January 5, 2010

Awesome National American Miss Pageant Blog!

Everyone has got to check out this blog! It's done by Isabella Cowley, the 2009 NAM Maryland Jr. Pre-Teen queen: http://nammarylandjrpreteen.blogspot.com/

It is seriously one of the best queens blogs I've found - great job Isabella! Here's one of the many fun videos she has posted:


  1. Thank you Brian for adding Isabella to your blog. What a nice surprise. Isabella takes her community service very seriously. Her very first community service involvement was when she was just three years old and she remembers it to this day. It left a lasting impression on her and she would volunteer each and every day if she could.

    Thank you for the blog compliment for Isabella and I have a lot of fun on it.

    It was a pleasure seeing you at nationals and should we never see you again, you will be missed.

    Many hugs,
    Stephanie and Isabella Cowley

  2. Isabella,
    Your community service is amazing and we all are very impressed and honored to know you. I love you more and more as my friend each day. Counting the days until we can play again.
    Your Very Best Friend on the WEST Coast,
    Miss Jr Pre-Teen California Olivia Jean Leigh Jensen :-)