January 30, 2010

NAM Miss Indiana Pics!

I saw some new pics posted by your Miss Indiana NAM Pre-Teen Queen Bailey J. Perez. Here are a few of the pics, if you are friends with Bailey on Facebook you can see the entire album on her page. Also, be sure and find us on facebook! NAM Brian-Megan Cournoyer - send us a friend request.

Here's Bailey!

January 29, 2010

Miss California and the American Cancer Society

Sydney Ricks, your National American Miss Northern California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen, has been out there doing some pretty cool things! Her mom sent over a few pictures that I wanted to share here with you.

From Pictures - 1 Jan '10
"We spent the day at Disneyland with Merrill Diddy and her mom, who we met at the Southern California Pageant (She's Ms Iowa JTP). The girls who participate in this program dream big and I think this photo shows it!!
Sydney visited the American Cancer Society today to donate $178.50 from her Coins for the Cure fundraiser. She received permission from the admimistration of a local high school to speak to the students and get donations during their lunch break. She is planning another Coins for the Cure drive at her school next month and has started a Relay for Life team in honor of her late Uncle Alvin Ricks and her 4 year old friend who is receiving treatment for cancer."

You can check out her blog at http://www.sydneyannricks.com/

From Pictures - 1 Jan '10

January 26, 2010

Clip from the NAM Miss California's Jr. Pre-Teen's blog!

This is the true meaning of Christmas.....

Olivia Jensen Miss So. California Jr. Pre-Teen was so excited to deliver new bicycles to families that were in terrible need of assistance this Christmas. She writes "I was able to have 10 bicycles donated through the United States Navy to this cause. Together with the US Navy, Toys for Tots, and my Dad and Mom, I made the deliveries Christmas Eve to several different families in San Diego. The experience has given me a whole new meaning to Christmas!

My family and I ended this terrific evening by attending our Christmas Eve Mass and I sang "Do You Hear What I Hear" for the congregation.

I am planning a March for Babies walk April 23-25 in San Diego so please join my team and help save a baby. My team last year raised over $12,000.00 I am pushing for $24,000.00 this year. Also, I am planning to attend the 3 day walk for Susan G. Komen dates will follow soon.

On January 31, 2010 I will be receiving the President's Volunteer Award for my Community Service and also receive the President's Pin. This will be awarded to me here in San Diego. I will post the pictures as soon as the ceremony is completed. Should be great pictures of the President and myself. (I hope so) I know I have been working very hard for several years with my community service to obtain this award."

Many Many Blessings,
Olivia Jean Leigh Jensen
Miss California Jr. Pre-Teen 2009-2010

January 25, 2010

National American Miss Queen on the local news

Morgan Pyfrom, one of our NAMiss All-American Queens from last year was featured on her local news in Louisiana. I got a hold of the clips and uploaded them to YouTube for everyone to see. Here's the footage - nice work Morgan!

January 22, 2010

Namiss girls raise money for Susan B Komen

Remember a few weeks ago the fun picture of the two girls holding up the big check for the Susan G Komen foundation? I've got a couple more pictures of the two young ladies who did the fund raiser, Victoria Knight - 2009 NAMiss Washington Teen Queen and Kennedy Miller - 2005 NAMiss Washington Princess Queen.

Victoria and Kennedy co-founded a program called Queens for a Cure. (cute title!) The event they held raised $10,111.07 for Susan G Komen for a cure. Victoria and Kennedy had set a goal of $5,000.00 and said "we were overwhelmed when we saw the final amount raised. We had survivor's at the event and they were all recognized and given a pink rose. It was so moving to see the crowd of people with tears in their eyes when the Big Check was brought out with the total."

One Journalist at the event said, "The money is going to the Susan G. Komen for the cure. When the announcement was made I stood up and clapped along with the rest of the audience and my eyes filled with tears. All of this love and support for women they've never met -- hoping someday there will be a cure. That is my hope, too. "Michelle Millman-KIRO News.

National American Miss and Washington are so proud of these young ladies. I'll keep you posted on their next event!
From NAM - National American Miss Blog

January 21, 2010

Halie Hite Memory Video

You will remember a few posts back in October and November in regard to Halie Hite. She was a fantastic Indiana representative who tragically passed away in October of 2009 in a car accident.

I was just forwarded the video below and I had to share it with everyone. Halie was an amazing young lady who I think all of the girls in National American Miss can relate to - this video gives you a great picture of who Halie was. Great job to the friends of Halie's that put it together. Enjoy and always remember this special young lady:

January 20, 2010

National American Miss NY's raising money for Haiti!

National American Miss girls are joining in the fundraising effort for Haiti. Here are some pictures we just received from your New York Teen & Miss Queens. They held a fundraiser for Haiti yesterday at the military commissary where they had a bake-sale. In addition to cash donation they also collected canned foods and clothing.

Jazzmin said "We had a great response, as we were able to raise $150 in just two hours! We will be doing this again next weekend!"

Nice work ladies - all proceeds will be going to the UNICEF Haiti Relief Fund.

NAM Miss New York's Blog

I found a great blog this morning by your 2009 National American Miss New York Kayla Sulla - here is a post from her blog that I copied over here. This is a link directly to her blog if you want to check it out: http://missnewyork2009.blogspot.com/

From NAM - National American Miss Blog

NAM National Pageant Day 1

I am so sorry for the delay in updating, things have just been rather hectic lately. Over Thanksgiving, I flew to the other side of the country to compete in the National American Miss Pageant which was held in Anaheim, CA for a week. I proudly represented my state and left with quite a few honors and an entire suitcase of trophies.

Day 1:
I had an interesting start to my day. At 7:00 am the fire alarm went off in my hotel (figures the one day I actually could sleep in a little bit!) As it turns out, the sprinkler was set off in the room right across the hall from me. Thankfully, there was no fire but there was a whole ton of nasty stagnant pipe water pouring into the room. Unfortunately, it was my sister queen's room - Miss NY Jr. Teen. My father and I ran in and tried to salvage as much of her stuff from getting ruined. We got out the important things and then turned our attention to chocking the valve to stop the water.

From NAM - National American Miss Blog

We tried everything in the kitchen, but nothing worked. About ten minutes later, the hotel maintenance guy arrived with the shut off valves which he conveniently dropped on the table then ran out of the room. I gave them to my father and he was able to shut off the sprinkler. We were both soaking wet and covered in debris that had collected in the water while it sat in those pipes for god knows how long. When I left the room the water had run across the hall and was flowing into our room. I told my mom to grab the towels, sheets, anything to absorb the water (this ended up including the very expensive and comfy mattress pads).

To make things worse, my parents shipped all of their clothes before we left so that we could carry my stuff on the plane and the box was conveniently lost by UPS so when we ran into the room with the sprinkler, my dad had on the only clothes he had and had to go down to the lobby and do laundry in his pajamas. Long story short, we ended up having to switch rooms and I ended up getting to registration a little late. I had orientation and got to meet all of my sister queens from the other states. Then competitions started up right away.

I competeted in the optional Spokesmodel competition where I gave a speech about how pressured women feel to look perfect all of the time which has resulted in unnecessary, expensive and painful plastic surgery. I offered a solution that involves confidence building. I didn't place in the top 5 for this competition but I did really well and I got a very high score.

I also had the Top Model Competition which was a photo shoot that took all of 5 minutes. I did really well and was 1st Runner-Up in this competition! Here are just two samples from the shoot:

The night concluded with a 70s Disco Themed Party. Here's a shot of me with my NY sister queens:

January 18, 2010

NAM Opening Production Number Video

This was just posed on YouTube and it's too dang cute not to share! This is one of the opening dance numbers from the NAM National Pageant in California. Enjoy!

January 16, 2010

NAM and the Muscular Dystrophy Association

There is a competition at National American Miss called the Golden Achievement award. So many of our girls do a lot of community service and this is our way to recognize them for it. This was the letter that Karli Bernett turned in at last years show. Karli was the NAM Georgia Teen Queen - great work Karli!

Golden Achievement Essay
Since winning my title as National American Miss Georgia Teen, one of the community service activities that had an impact on me was my work for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I began by volunteering at the Jerry Lewis Telethon, where I answered phones to collect donations and presented a check for the two thousand dollars I raised myself. It was at the Telethon that I met Laura Beth, a girl who was not much older than me and living with muscular dystrophy.

It was through this chance meeting that the Muscular Dystrophy Association began to hold a more personal and unique place in my heart. Although she was not diagnosed with the disease until the age of eleven and could walk up until six years ago, Laura Beth actually felt blessed. She knew what it felt like to be able to dance, run, and do gymnastics, unlike most kids with MD. Despite her disability, Laura Beth is still ambitious and feels the sense of duty to be a leader.

Laura Beth's story was so inspirational that I was moved to participate in the MDA Walk of Hope. It was an amazing day to see the positive spirit and contagious energy of the people there. I walked on Laura Beth's team and was so glad to be supporting her in whatever way I could. I went on to inform my school and friends of the Association and the crucial role it plays in MD research and support, and they became proud donors and sponsors to the cause.

I would love to continue to work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the years to come and volunteer my time and services in the pursuit of a cure. Everyone has goals, dreams, and aspirations in life. Everyone also has their own obstacles that they are presented with, but it is the courage and determination to rise above them that truly makes a person great.

National American Miss Oregon

Bittleston Madison - NAM State Finalist from Oregon; volunteered her time throughout her community before last years NAM National Pageant. Her mom Sheila sent over these pics and told us a bit about what she did:

I went to ABC Daycare and preschool before I went to regular school, it was really fun. I made lots of friends, played in the gym, and got to play in the sand box if I was good. Last summer the river flooded and destroyed some of the park. This also caused the weeds to get out of control. Teacher Geri said that I could help out by pulling weeds on the playground. It was really fun. I started at the waterfall and worked down to the park area. I got to work with teacher Colleen. When we were done, there was a big pile of brown, dead weeds. I felt hot, but good. I liked being able to help out ABC.

NAM Miss Virginia and the Leukemia Society

Note from Elainey Bass, 2008 National American Miss Virginia Princess Queen:

I volunteered with the leukemia society for the Light the Night walk Program. We raised money to help kids with leukemia; I worked at the kid’s corner. We did face painting, sidewalk games, and colored pictures. It was fun to help with the kids while the parents signed up. Everyone was so happy to see my pretty crown and me. We walked around the town center with red-lighted balloons. It was exciting to be seen from the news helicopter and on TV. It makes me feel really good to help someone. I was kind of sad to see some of the sick children but they were having fun and that made me happy. God bless us all no matter who we are and we are always in his hands.

Elainey Bass, 2008 National American Miss Virginia Princess Queen volunteering with the Leukemia Society Elainey Bass, 2008 National American Miss Virginia Princess Queen working the
Elainey Bass, 2008 National American Miss Virginia Princess Queen, rides in the local news helicopter to watch the Leukemia walk.Letter from the Leukemia Society thanking Elainey Bass, 2008 National American Miss Virginia Princess Queen, for her work.

NAM Miss New Jersey and the Ronald McDonald House

These are pictures from Gabrielle Allen's community service project for last years National pageant. She was the 2008 National American Miss NJ Princess Queen.

For my project, I knew I wanted to make sick children happy. I know that some kids have to stay in the hospital for a long time, so I wanted to find a way to make that stay more enjoyable. I came up with the idea for “Gabrielle’s Get Well Goodie bags”. I set up a booth at our “East Greenwich Fun Day”; to let people decorate goodie bags with get well wishes, and collect donations (we raised $121). I also, set up collection tubs at my dance studio and gymnasium for coloring books, markers, and crafts, to put in the bags. We took the bags to the Ronald McDonald House and the children loved them! Also, at the Ronald McDonald House we baked cookies, and I hosted an ice cream party where the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of my town came to help scoop ice cream for the children.

NAM girl in a Sticker Magazine

Check out Jaylianna Twardecki who made it into this sticker magazine! It's so fun to see NAM girls in different places that you would never expect!

January 15, 2010

National American Miss "Open Calls"

It's almost open call season again for National American miss. Stay tuned to the blog here for open call locations in your state as they are scheduled. Spread the word to your friends and make this years NAM program the best ever!
I just found these fun pictures that were e-mailed to me from one of last years open calls from Emily Michelle Honng, the 2008 National American Miss Northern California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen. She was great! I love the picture of her interviewing the young ladies that came to the open call, what a great experience.

January 14, 2010

NAM Appointed Program

-- Press Release --

Attention NAM Girls:

The National American Miss 2010 Appointed Representative Program is now accepting applications!

If you are 19 or 20 years old you can apply for our Miss Division. If you are ages 4-18 and reside in Alaska, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, or Wyoming you can also apply to be a NAM State Queen.

You can download an application at http://www.namiss.com/findyourstate/namiss/car.html.

National American Miss is the largest pageant in the nation for young women. We are so excited to let you know that you can be a part of this exciting program for your state! The girl that is selected as the State Queen will be given the opportunity to compete at the National Pageant for the title of NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS for her age division.

Appointed Representative Applicants Scoring System:
Phone Interview - 35%,
Resume - 25%
Essay - 25%
Picture - 15%.

Over $500,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded at Nationals, including a 2010 Ford Mustang Convertible. My name is LaKishia Edwards. I am the NAM National Coordinator. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call at 281-496-9000 or send me an e-mail at ledwards@namiss.com. You know you can always reach me on Facebook – “NAM LaKishia Edwards”. Find out more about National American Miss at www.namiss.com.

January 12, 2010

Mayor of Honolulu recognizes NAM National Queen!

Check out this press release from the Mayors office in Honolulu, Hawaii featuring your NAM National Jr. Pre-Teen Queen Amber Aduja!

On January 8, 2010, Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann recognized Kaneohe siblings, William Aduja, age 11, and Amber Aduja, age 10, children of former state senator Melodie Aduja and Lee Williams, for their accomplishments. Their certificates read as follows:

Amber Nanea Aduja
In honor of your exceptional beauty, talent, poise and accomplishments, and selection as the 2009–2010 National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Queen in the 7 to 9 age division.
Done this 8th day of January, 2010, in Honolulu, Hawaii

Mufi Hannemann
Mayor of Honolulu

William Peter Aduja
In honor of your outstanding presentation, appearance, poise and accomplishments, and for garnering the National Title for America’s Fabulous Faces Boy Overall Supreme 2009.
Done this 8th day of January, 2010, in Honolulu, Hawaii

Mufi Hannemann
Mayor of Honolulu

January 9, 2010

advice for teens: Any advice for the jr. teen division of National American Miss pageant?

Noticed a blog this morning from a young lady who just signed up for the Jr. Teen division in one of the NAM pageants. If you would like to throw a comment her way, here is the link:


Have a great weekend NAM! This was her posting:

advice for teens: Any advice for the jr. teen division of National American Miss pageant?: "Friday, January 8, 2010
Any advice for the jr. teen division of National American Miss pageant?
Hey ppls, I'm really excited for the NAM pageant, have all of my fees paid up, got my dress and interview suit, and am positive I'll blow the judges away with my personal introduction! Any advice you fellow National American Miss pageant enterers have for me? ALL comments are welcome! Thanks a million!Any advice for the jr. teen division of National American Miss pageant?"

January 7, 2010

Miss California and the Salvation Army

It's so much fun for me to receive reports like the one below from our families around the country! This came in just a few days ago from Kylie Kucinski, your NAM Northern California Teen Queen and her mom. Pretty cool! Keep up the good work and go NAM!

While most teenagers were sleeping in or heading to Mall on their first day of Winter Break, Kylie headed to the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds at 8am on Monday (12/21) to volunteer with the Salvation Army on their day of assisting 1700 families with Christmas gifts for their children and food bags.

It all started on Saturday (12/19) when we went to the Fairgrounds (which is the Salvation Army's donation station) and met with the director of the Salvation Army and Kylie gave 2 boxes of Books and Bears from the pageant donations, they were of course delighted to receive them and were impressed with National American Miss and their community service project!
We were able to walk around and see how everything was set up and learned at that time that they would be assisting 1700 families this holiday season. Kylie asked the director how else she could help and she was told she could be there on Monday at 8am to help guide the families through the process.

So we spent 5 hours on Monday walking people through the amazing setup which allowed them to pick out two toys for each child listed on their paperwork. The toys were all set up by age group so all the parent had to do was pick what they wanted to give their child. And there were some very nice toys to choose from! They were then directed to several tables of give-away items such as cards and gift wrap and stocking stuffers. Everything was put in a large dark bag so that the contents would not be seen by the kids! They were then sent across to another building for their bag of food items.

I would guess that there were about 100 volunteers there helping 350 families per hour, it was an amazing day! Kylie made many people smile and she was told that she 'lit up the room just by being there' from a Reverend of a local church who was also volunteering.

Merry Christmas to all!

What's Olivia Doing....: November 2009....NATIONALS

This is a blog entry from your reigning NAM California South Jr. Pre-Teen Olivia Jensen. She has a really cool blog that highlights all of her activities. This entry is from back before the National Pageant - check out her full blog at: http://whatsoliviadoing.blogspot.com/

What's Olivia Doing....: November 2009....NATIONALS: "HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! Miss So.California Jr. Pre-Teen Olivia Jean Leigh Jensen daddy is heading home after serving 8 months in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa with the United States Navy, just in time for NATIONALS 'hopefully'. Shawn Jensen has been a service member for nearly 20 years and is hopeful he will be able to walk his little girl out onto stage during 2009 Nationals.

Olivia has a lot to smile about these days. Not only is her hero (her daddy) returning home safely she has also earned a kite from our local Rady Children's Hospital San Diego. The kite represents the battle that these children have taken to return to health. This award was presented to Olivia for all of her dedication and service to Children's Hospital on October 29th 2009 from Belinda Lanois the In-Kind and Community Development Officer Children's Hospital Foundation. Olivia is looking forward to volunteering during the Holiday's by organizing and building new donated toys.

Olivia and some of her Pageant Sisters enjoyed a beautiful Southern California Sunny, Sunday afternoon Pool side in Corona. The girls had lunch, picture time, decorated pumpkins and spent time getting to know one another. This group of girls/women are amazing and are looking forward to Nationals. They are also happy to announce they will be working side by side with our local Marines and Toys for Tots. These ladies are simply amazing, not to mention hard working.

May God Bless each one of you and keep you safe...with many many blessings.
Hugs and see you in November,

Olivia Jensen
National American Miss So. California Jr Pre-Teen 2009-2010"