December 22, 2009

NAM National Queens Raising Money for a Good Cause!


Amber Aduja’s (National American Miss Queen 2010) First Lokahi Giving Project Fishnet Drive was very successful. 10 year old Amber, a St. Ann’s Model School 5th grader, coordinated a Lokahi Fishnet Drive and garnered $1312.00 in donations from our Kaneohe community within 4 hours. Her pageant sisters and their moms, her brother and his teammates, and other volunteers, even a couple of passerbyers, chipped in their time for a worthy cause. One woman, who is homeless, tirelessly held the Lokahi Fishnet for over three hours and was willing to hold it for another two hours while the rest of us were breaking down. This was a very touching scenario of goodwill and charity. This is what Lokahi is all about. Our community coming out for our community in need is what “Lokahi” a.k.a. “Unity” is all about.

Amber Aduja has scheduled a second Lokahi Fishnet Donation Drive for December 23rd and she is in need of more volunteers. Come join us. We will have T-shirts, fishnets and refreshments for you. Contact Melodie at 258-8889 or just meet in front of First Hawaiian Bank at the Windward City Shopping Center at 11:30 a.m.

The Lokahi Giving Project in conjunction with Kaneohe resident, Amber Aduja, National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Queen; former state senator Melodie Aduja; Jadyn Wilderman, Hawaii’s Miss Grand Queen; Rose Marques, Hawaii’s Pre-Teen Miss Queen; New Media Productions; Kaneohe Football and Basketball team players; 12 Step House and its members; and other volunteers will be conducting their 2nd Fishnet Gift and Donation Drive at the Kamehameha and Likelike – Kaneohe Bay Drive intersection fronting Windward City Shopping Center on Wednesday, December 23, 2009, from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. Volunteers are to meet at 11:30 a.m. at the First Hawaiian Bank parking lot.

The Lokahi Giving Project strives to spread the “Lokahi Spirit” (Unity Spirit) with families in need, senior citizens, at-risk teens, children with special needs, and groups who really need some holiday cheer and basic necessities during the Christmas season. Lokahi works in conjunction with non-profits, group homes, shelters and hospitals to refer their most deserving and needy clients to receive Lokahi’s assistance.

The Lokahi Giving Project accepts many types of donated items including new or gently used linens, toiletries, cleaning products, non-perishable foods stuffs, toys, games, clothing and other household items. Gift cards for groceries or department stores are highly desired. Volunteers are in high demand during this time as well. For more information on the Windward City Donation Drive, please contact Melodie Aduja at 258-8889. For more information on the Lokahi Giving Project, please contact Mariellen Jones at 685-7721 or Angela Parker at 685-7333.

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