December 7, 2009

Miss California 4th-Runner up competes at Nationals

These are some fun pictures from the Doss family out in California of Nationals 2009. The first pic is Jennifer Doss (Miss Clayton; she was 4th runner-up at the NAMiss Northern California Teen Pageant) with fellow California competitors on stage after the 70's theme party. The second picture is with me, your faithful State Director, Brian Cournoyer! Jennifer made it into the NAM Band as the Drummer and performed to Taylor Swifts "Picture to Burn." If you haven't seen the video check it out at:
Note that another CA girl, Southern CA Teen Queen Danielle Walker was the singer in the band! Way to represent CA!
The third picture is Jennifer with two new friends at Nationals as they got ready for Formal Wear. I love the dresses; everyone looked fantastic. Jennifer's Mom Debbie shared an update on what's going on with Jennifer right now:

"Jennifer had a blast being selected as the drummer in the all girl band!! What fun times, hope you guys enjoyed it too? Jennifer is concentrating on her application process to get into UA’s Eller Business School, they only can apply 1x at the beginning of their sophomore year (Feb) and they only select 20-25% of the applicants. Acceptance is judged solely on gpa, interview*, recommendations. Namiss has helped her prepare for this moment in the spotlight and we’re grateful for this!!"
Good luck with the application Jennifer, please let us know how it all turns out! I know you can pull it off, your NAM family is behind you all the way!

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