November 29, 2009

The Breanne and Tiffany Show - live from Nationals 2009

If you haven't been keeping up with our NAM You Tube Channel (Mynamiss), there are some really fun video's that have been posted over this past week. Nationals has been amazing - it's such a pleasure to be here with a program that serves these kids and families so well. Two of the staff here, Breanne Maples and Tiffany Saylor have been putting together their own little "live show" from the pageant, appropriately named, "The Breanne and Tiffany show!"

So far they have done 7 episodes and I thought I would share them with you here. Check 'em out and enjoy!

Episode #1:

Now if you know Breanne and Tiffany, you know they are a little bit fun & crazy! Enjoy the shows and great ready to laugh as you watch their behind the scenes look at the NAM National Pageant. Thanks Breanne and Tiffany!

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