October 19, 2009

Miss California visits the Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento

Our fabulous Northern California Teen Queen, Kylie Kucinski is at it again! Saturday she went to the Shriner's Childrens Hospital in Sacramento and delivered some books and bears from the pageant. Kylie's mom gave me the run down: "This hospital deals with children with various issues/injuries where some Shriners specialize in only certain types of cases. Kylie met children who were almost all in wheelchairs...3 little girls with casts on both legs all under the age of 6...who I think after Kylie's visit, their lives were also changed. If you can imagine 3 little girls (who were from Mexico) bouncing up and down in their wheelchairs and giggling and clapping when they saw Kylie in her crown and banner.

There were also a few adolescent boys who joined her at the table to to decorate crowns...and told her stories about their multiple surgeries. You could well imagine the grins on their faces when they got to all individually take pictures with Kylie in spite of their injuries...and then when the pics were printed and Kylie signed them and gave them to all of the kids they were all so excited.

But the one child that Kylie and I both cannot get out of our minds and hearts is a little boy also from Mexico who was burned beyond recognition. He's about 4 I think, and he also had no hands. This little boy also wanted his picture taken with Kylie but only with his mom there too. So mom was in the picture and when I looked over at them being photographed I could see them from behind and that little boy had his arm wrapped around the back of Kylie's leg...it was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. When Kylie and I were talking about it later she said he didn't just wrap it around, he was holding on to her tight. He amazed us with what he could do."

Here are some great pics that Kylie sent over - good job girl! I can't help but smile, I just fielded an e-mail from a parent who was convinced that National American Miss is a scam; (granted this parent has never been to a show and never even so much as filled out an application and received any materials in the mail - she has just watched a few too many episodes of Toddlers and Tiara's!) If I could only get that parent to come over here and take 2 minutes to look through this blog. You rock Kylie, this is the stuff that makes NAM different! Keep up the great work.

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