September 23, 2009

NAM Jr. Pre-Teen California Queen raises money for the American Cancer Society

This is a great article about your Northern California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen Sydney Ricks. Sydney is going into the fifth grade at Edna Batey Elementary School and was recently nominated by the schools staff as their "educational partner" for her volunteer work. She has the opportunity to be recognized during the Elk Grove Unified School District Board meeting where she also led the pledge of allegiance.

Here is an excerpt from the article pictured here; this is how he nomination read: "Syndey Ann ricks has been a student at Edna Batey elementary School since kindergarten and is about to embark on her fifth grade year. She thoroughly enjoys going to school and learning more from the excellent staff.

During her fourth grade year, Sydney Ann came upon an opportunity to make a difference for those with cancer. Her four-year-old friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been undergoing very specialized treatment in Boston. In addition, her uncle passed away to cancer this year. As a result, she was inspired to find a way to donate money toward finding a cure. After approaching the Edna Batey administration she initiated the Coins for the Cure fundraiser at her school. She encouraged the classes to donate spare change toward finding the cure in honor of her fiend and uncle. After many hours of counting change, Sydney was able to represent her school at the Elk Grove Relay for Life and donated $1,318 to the American Cancer Society in hopes of finding a cure."

Great job Sydney, we are so proud to have you representing National American Miss!!

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  1. Sydney is so awesome! Congratulations to her for all her hard work. She is so young and already doing such great things. Great job, Sydney!