July 22, 2009

National American Miss visits the Helen Evans Home

Your National American Miss California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen Emily Michelle-Honng recently volunteered at the Helen Evans Home - a facility for developmentally disabled children. Here are what the administrator, Grace Kano said about Emily's visit:

"Emily presented herself as a sweet and bright young lady. She was open and caring about our clients. She showed a genuine interest in their lives. Emily was confident and open about her experience. It was a pleasure to have her volunteer."

Emily wrote and e-mail and shared these thoughts about her wonderful experience:

"Through my community involvement, I met some less fortunate children. I learned to appreciate the importance of community service. I played and hugged one of the little boy with developmental disability at the facility. After about 30 minutes playing with him, he gave me the biggest smile and hugged me back. I was so excited and quickly run to tell my mom. When it’s time to leave the place, I said good-bye to him and he held his arms out wanting me to give him one more hug. I almost cried. After my first visit, I missed him so much and couldn't wait to go back. Next day, my mom took me back to see Angel. When he saw me, he smiled! I am so happy knowing that I am making a difference in his life a little bit at a time."

A few pictures from one of her visits are included here. We are so proud of Emily for her willingness to take time out of her schedule to visit the kids at the Helen Evans Home. Emily has such a huge heart and is an outstanding representative for National American Miss.


  1. I love NAMiss! I am goong this year too in 2009!!! Its just great!!

  2. AnonymousJuly 23, 2009

    i just loved it i am doing it again nd WOW THIS IS COOL... A BURRRITO!!!! WOW NAMISS ROCKS