July 8, 2009

Namiss Staff takes the time to do it right on pageant weekend

I clipped this from another pageant blog written by one of the National American Miss Staff. http://buildingthecrown.blogspot.com/2009/07/national-american-miss.html I just thought what she said was so right on with what the program is all about:

Wow! I have been soooo busy. I have been on a 3 week tour of the Eastern part of America working for NAM. I started in Kentucky, just left Georgia and Thursday I leave for South Carolina. I have had the chance to talk to some amazing people this year. Every year I have a story that touches my heart and this year I bring you a story from Kentucky. National American Miss always pick great judges, and I wonder at times why other systems can't find great people like these judges I meet. They are always right on when they pick the winners. This year, a young Jr. Teen named Megan Webb was crowned however Megan was born with a disease that caused her legs not to work right. She uses crutches or a walker everyday of her life, but when she was on stage, her smile just glowed and the judges said they fell in love with her because she had heart. Everyone that night was crying and just touched by this crowning. I hope that everyone who reads my blog truly looks at the inside of everyone and not the outside. Well, I better get to packing as I leave at 6am for my next show.
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